Spectre and Meltdown – The low down.

All the major tech players including Google, Apple and Microsoft, have at this stage released updates for the security flaws that are present in computers, mobile devices and tablets. The vulnerabilities (Spectre and Meltdown) were reported by IT security researchers at Google, Graz University and Cyberus Technology. The bug in the hardware allows programs to […]

Guide to VPN’s

The VPN guide for beginners So what is a VPN? The goal of this article is to give you an understanding of what a VPN is. What does a VPN let you do? Should I be using a VPN? I’ll also be recommending a VPN service provider should you decide after reading this that you […]

Five steps to secure your home wireless network

We here at Jon.ie love wireless communication technologies. The freedom that it allows us from our wireless audio systems to wireless internet access that extends around the home. However wireless internet connections come with some security vulnerabilities that you don’t see with wired connections. But don’t fear we’re here to help. We have some basic […]

PC running slow? 5 helpful tips to increase performance

Yes I know it’s a sad fact but computers just don’t get any better with age. Applications are hanging, the computer taking an age to boot, error message after error message. We hear you, and we would like to help. Here are five steps to help improve your PC’s performance. 1 – Looking at the […]

Apple apologises for iPhone slowdown

It’s a little too late for an apology – as far as annoyed  Apple iPhone customers are concerned. A long-suspected theory that Apple purposely slows down iPhones has come to fruition. Unfortunately, this acknowledgement did not initially come from Apple, but rather an Apple developer, and then later acknowledged by Apple. A real embarrassment to the company! Since […]

RTE to shut down RTE News Now

According to the Independent Newspaper yesterday, RTE may seek to shut down it’s rolling news channel, the article is reporting the reason for abandoning the channel may be due to “the organisation seeks ways to cut costs amid continuing financial pressure”. It seems the channel is expensive to run, with very little viewership. From a […]

Apple reveals 2017’s most popular apps

Apple has today announced the most popular apps of 2017 across their iOS platform. Apple stated ” the introduction of AR (augmented reality) apps and games, the rise of real-time competitive gaming, apps focused on mental health and mindfulness and apps transforming storytelling and reading” were amongst the four breakout trends. The list of Top […]