4 great Youtube tech channels you should be subscribing to

A little tip, when you browse youtube and find a channel you like – subscribe to it.  Then every time you visit youtube you get a much more refined experience, and if you love your tech like, me you get to stay up to date on the latest.

Below, are some youtube channels you should really be subscribed to, if you take take your technology seriously. Sorry though, most of the embeds below are for the iPhone 6, as at the time of posting this, the iPhone 6 had just come out. Enjoy!

1. The Verge – You won’t miss much in the tech world if you subscribe to their Youtube channel.

2. Marques Brownlee – A youtube success story, and with reason. I really enjoy Marques’s videos, he does not tend to be biased, and is not afraid to correct himself if he had a different experience say with a phone than he anticipated in a previous review.

3. DetroitBORG – Do you enjoy unboxing videos – say no more… – There is of course more to his videos, but we all love a good unboxing video!

4. MobileTechReview  – Lisa takes no prisoners with her thorough reviews.

John Ryan

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