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Hi, I’m John & Welcome to My Website

Thank you for visiting my website. I’m are so happy you visited and that you decided to read our about page, it does not get as much attention as our blog posts!
This goal of this website is to work hard to assist you to take life one step at a time. This goal is reached by improving your personal finance through positive lifestyle and financial choices, by leveraging the use of technology. Said simply we will perform a Super Reboot! Welcome to MY WEBSITE

Welcome to Website

Have you ever dreamt of a simpler life? Have you ever found the answer to your lifestyle question, but just given up because it’s just too hard and started the cycle again? Ever wanted to spend less, save more but still enjoy life? I have been there, and by turning things around one step at a time I am changing my life far beyond my expectations. One step at a time. We have all found the answers online, in books, in videos, but it is so hard to maintain… We often say to ourselves, “that is easy for them to say” BUT… This website will help you on your journey, we know we have the answer, all you have to do is read!


Changing yourself is not easy. In my experience, most people will resist change. Even at times not realising you are doing so. It is not easy to change your mindset, but it is also not enough to just change. You need to make a conscious effort to maintain that change. Until it becomes your normal. If you think of your home computer! A reboot fixes every problem. Right? You would be surprised how often a reboot of your computer fixes an issue. But unfortunately, the issue comes back, and you try another reboot. I think we humans are similar to this, we often try to change but need a little help along the way! To keep us on the right track. A reboot is simply not enough. A Super Reboot is required.

Community Spirit

But, it’s not just one person writing here, we have some wonderful and inspirational people from around the world lined up to write for us. We even have articles in different languages lined up. So stay tuned for those. And if you would like to contribute an article that finds the spirit of our website, we would love to hear from you.


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A bit about me

John Ryan is a computer engineer and technology enthusiast, he is a traveller and avid language learner.

He is the founder of this website.

John Ryan

I write mainly about tips to achieve your goals as well as technology and personal finance.Ā Click here to contribute an article >>

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