Star Trek PADD for iPad – To boldly go where no iPad has gone before!

As a Star Trek fan, when I first saw the Apple iPad, I immediately thought of the PADD (Personal Access Display Device) which was used by Starfleet as a tablet computer.  So I was delighted when I saw CBS had brought this to life with PADD for iPad. The iPad app emulates the Star Trek […]

Perfect your grilling technique with Great Backyard Grilling for iPad

It’s summer and hopefully unlike me, you’ve have had a chance to fire up the Backyard Grill. I like Grilling, and it’s not always easy so if your are looking for a companion app to help you perfect your grilling technique take a look at Great Backyard Grilling. There is something for everyone in the recipes menu […]

RTE News Now for iPad – Still no RTE player app!

RTE, the national broadcaster in Ireland, has been keeping a closer eye on new technology than would be expected, such as the iPad.  RTE News Now for the iPhone has been out for some time but last week RTE shocked us slightly by launching an iPad app! Executive Director of RTÉ Publishing, Múirne Laffan, says, […] for iPhone & iPad

Many news organisations worth their salt have either an iPhone or iPad app these days. Unfortunately however, many of them make the mistake of quickly throwing together a basic app with little thought for the GUI or end user. Luckily made a decision to produce a  quality, functional, elegant app to compliment their website. […]

iPad applications will cost more than iPhone apps?

BBC News website has a report today discussing how  iPad applications will cost a bit more than iPhone applications. This is not entirely unexpected as the iPad is a bigger device with greater functionality and apps will require much more time to develop. Steve Jobs said about the  iPad, it “connects users with their apps […]