Ellen iPhone ad spoof

Ellen made this funny simple iPhone spoof ad, in which she demonstrated some difficulties using the iPhone. The ad which can been seen in the below video, is just funny, but unfortunately Apple does not agree. And Ellen has apologised.

Ellen explained how she actually finds the iPhone very easy to use and text with, and the ad was just a joke, perhaps Apple is now a little red faced for getting so offended?

Anyone get a flash back to trying to get there mother to use the iPhone while watching this ad?

Apple’s 4th-generation iPhone revealed

iPhone 4G
iPhone 4G?

Gizmodo have the exclusive. We are told THIS IS the iPhone 4th generation. We are not 100% on this but are inclined to believe the hype, they do have evidence that it is . What do you think?

TheĀ  concentrated goodness, this is what is supposedly new:

  • Front facing camera – Video chat?
  • Flash camera (about time)
  • Better display
  • The back has been redesigned, apparently has glass back




New Apple iPhone Ad: “Concert”

Sticking with our music video from yesterday, Apple has today launched another iPhone ad called “Concert” which showcases Shazam, which tells you the name of songs playing on radios, and allows you to download them. Shazam has been around for sometime now is very useful, especially when you hear a song and you can’t remember the artist. There is also another app which allows you to buy concert tickets from the iPhone.

The ad is a prime example of how Apple intends to profit from revenue generated by purchases made using applications. The simplicity of the iPhone means we don’t need to know how all this works because the iPhone does all the hardwork…

“I still don’t know how my iPhone does all that.”