Star Trek PADD for iPad – To boldly go where no iPad has gone before!

Star Trek PADD
Star Trek PADD

As a Star Trek fan, when I first saw the Apple iPad, I immediately thought of the PADD (Personal Access Display Device) which was used by Starfleet as a tablet computer.  So I was delighted when I saw CBS had brought this to life with PADD for iPad. The iPad app emulates the Star Trek PADD interface has various Star Trek sound effects and computer voices that react to your touch.

How here’s the thing, while the app does have a built-in database of various Star Trek characters, ships and so on, it is not a complete collection. Rather than linking to data from a resource like Memory Alpha, the designers have used the database for its information. This means, this PADD is more of a “nice to have” app than a reference tool. The designers try to make up for the  problem by linking into Twitter and Facebook, which is ok, but not what I would imagine Trek fans would prefer.

It’s not possible to filter down characters  by series, which surprised me, in fact there is almost no filters aside from the main sections. The designers note “The official Star Trek PADD app database does not include all information within the Star Trek Universe. We will continue to update the database as information becomes available.” Again a little surprising as all Star Trek Moves and series have long since ended, aside from the new movie, which we could forgive.

Despite all the above, it is worth having this app if you are a Star Trek fan. It looks very like the displays in Star Trek The Next Generation  and you are bound to have some fun playing around with it, and while it has plenty of potential – don’t expect it to be your ‘go to’ Star Trek reference tool, because it’s nowhere near that.

[box]Star Trek PADD for iPad is 3.99 in Irish app store[/box]



Perfect your grilling technique with Great Backyard Grilling for iPad

Great Backyard Grilling
Great Backyard Grilling

It’s summer and hopefully unlike me, you’ve have had a chance to fire up the Backyard Grill. I like Grilling, and it’s not always easy so if your are looking for a companion app to help you perfect your grilling technique take a look at Great Backyard Grilling.

There is something for everyone in the recipes menu from beef, pork and lamb to vegetables and fruit.  Each menu comes with a selection of buttons  making preparation a cinch! You can add a recipe to a menu which you can mail to everyone to let them know the good food they can look forward to!

The feature I love is the ability to create a shopping list for each recipe! Of course your unlikely to bring your iPad to the store, so you can mail the entire list to your iPhone to bring with you!

The layout is straightforward and easy to follow. Each instance a time is referenced you can click on it  and start the built in timer! It’s things like this that make you say wow, the developer spent some time on the design of this app!

The On The House Great Backyard Grilling app will include nearly 50 great grilling recipes with impressive features such as outstanding photography throughout, the ability to add recipes to a “favorites” list, a special menu creation utility, e-mail functions for recipes, shopping lists and menus and menus with dinner invitations. Also included is a timer function for all recipes and powerful flexible shopping list functions that include key ingredient definitions with stunning photographs.

Sadly the video section is empty, the developers are really missing out by leaving this section blank at launch and it seems to be the only thing missing for this useful app. I’ve not fired up my barbecue yet this year, so if anyone feels like giving this app a try please comment on this post and let us know how you got on!

The app costs 2.99 Euro in the Irish app store and 3.99 USD.

Features | Functions 
•All recipes are illustrated
•Ingredient calculator
•Built-in timer for each recipe
•Flexible shopping list functions
•E-mail functions for recipes, shopping list and menu
•Key ingredient definitions and photographs
•State of the art photography

All – inclusive Shopping Tool 
•Shopping list for each recipe
•Quantity calculator
•Customized to add own ingredients or leave out ingredients already at home
•Sorting by grocery store product groups

RTE News Now for iPad – Still no RTE player app!

RTE News Now for iPad
RTE News Now for iPad

RTE, the national broadcaster in Ireland, has been keeping a closer eye on new technology than would be expected, such as the iPad.  RTE News Now for the iPhone has been out for some time but last week RTE shocked us slightly by launching an iPad app!

Executive Director of RTÉ Publishing, Múirne Laffan, says, “Building on the success of the RTÉ News Now app for iPhone and Android, the release of our News Now app for iPad continues to meet the needs of our audience for delivering up-to-the-minute, dynamic RTÉ content across a widening range of platforms.”

The app takes advantage of the large screen to place information from it’s main news sections. The use of video in the app makes it a ‘must have’, the implementation is both sleek and useful with integration with social networks Twitter and Facebook!.

We really liked this application, and if you have not yet got it, it’s worth downloading. The app also has access to the live stream from RTE News Now channel which is available on saorview television and online at

The only question remains! Where is RTE player app?

Press release

RTÉ is today launching a RTÉ News Now application for the iPad, offering quick and easy access to all the most current and popular news stories from RTÉ.

The free-to-download app offers all the latest national and international headlines, top stories, live news bulletins and on-demand video clips and content from the news, sport, business and entertainment world. Specifically optimised for the iPad, this News Now app allows very easy navigation, with each page individually designed on a dual viewing mode so that users can enjoy the content in portrait or landscape orientation.

Clicking on video icons alongside text stories will display the full video on screen and assure users of an in-depth coverage of all their favourite stories.

Podcasts of recent radio news shows can also be accessed while further social media features means that stories can be shared via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Executive Director of RTÉ Publishing, Múirne Laffan, says, “Building on the success of the RTÉ News Now app for iPhone and Android, the release of our News Now app for iPad continues to meet the needs of our audience for delivering up-to-the-minute, dynamic RTÉ content across a widening range of platforms.”

The launch of today’s app for iPad coincides with the announcement that the award-winning RTÉ News Now iPhone app is now available for free globally.

The app was developed by mobile internet services company Digital Reach Group (DRG), which also developed RTÉ’s News Now app for the iPhone. The app is available to download from the itunes store. for iPhone & iPad

Many news organisations worth their salt have either an iPhone or iPad app these days. Unfortunately however, many of them make the mistake of quickly throwing together a basic app with little thought for the GUI or end user. Luckily made a decision to produce a  quality, functional, elegant app to compliment their website. And the cherry on the top is… it’s free,- are you listening TV3?

Currently this app is free in the app store and… get this, ad free too!

Keeping the interface simple is key but lets not  confuse this with basic. The is anything but basic! To begin with it’s  iOS 4 friendly (multitasking compatible) the app opens on the “Latest Stories” page which is presented with a thumbnail  and title for the latest articles.  Tap an article to open and read it’s content each article is media rich with social network buttons, you can also comment on their articles live in the app.

Like the website you can also access their other publications within the app namely Business ETC, The Score and The Daily Edge. Located at the bottom of the app are some filtering buttons, to navigate to “Main Stories” and “Most Popular”.  The app will even show you active logins on social networks you have logged into using the app!

Using the iPhone camera, you can also snap some images to send to the Journal for possible publication.  If you are an iPhone user you will appreciate this elegance of this app, but if you are and iPad owner you will love the utilisation of the display this app makes.

9/10 – Well done! for iPhone and iPad Gallery for iPad launched

iPad  have launched an iPad app to complement their iPhone app which has been a big hit in Ireland. “ is the first property portal in Ireland to launch an app developed specifically for the iPad. The new app has been optimised to take advantage of the generous iPad screen, particularly where media viewing is concerned.”

The app functions in much the same way as the website with the addition of searching locations nearby. The best part about using for iPad has to be the photos, using the usual swipe gestures you can really see the photos much better than on the iPhone and the quality of many of them is better than on the iPhone. Taking advantage of the iPad screen, you can browse Daft’s database of 100,000 properties.

You can save your favourite properties, as well as sign into your account

Ciarán Maher, CTO at Daft Media commented, “The iPhone app has been extremely successful with almost 50,000 downloads since the beginning of the year. Performance and feedback exceeded expectations. We’ve now taken the same approach to designing our iPad app, but we’ve paid particular attention to ensuring media looks really great with high res property photos and photo galleries that are easy for iPad users to navigate.”

[box type=”download”]Now in the iPad app store iTunes link[/box] iPad app in pictures

Sourced via press release

iPad applications will cost more than iPhone apps?

iPad Mail
iPad apps more expensive?

BBC News website has a report today discussing how  iPad applications will cost a bit more than iPhone applications. This is not entirely unexpected as the iPad is a bigger device with greater functionality and apps will require much more time to develop. Steve Jobs said about the  iPad, it “connects users with their apps and content in a far more intimate and fun way than ever before”, and perhaps this also equates a higher price tag?

End users will expect more from applications for the iPad. Apple has stated that all current iPhone apps will work on the iPad, but there will of course be dedicated iPad apps. The expectation of these will be much higher, so more design and coding would be required.

The co-creator of Pocket God, Dave Castelnuovo of Bolt Creative told BBC his application for the iPad will cost around 2.99USD on the iPad, it currently costs 99 cents USD on the iPhone.

“The simple fact is that even if the iPad is a tremendous success, it is not going to have the same install user market from day one that the iPhone and iPod Touch had.”

The issue of developers not physically having an iPad device currently also means that some developers will hold off for a little while to test their applications, so they wont have apps at launch.