How to install the Amazon app store for android – play store alternative

The Amazon app store for android, is an alternative app store for your android based phone. If you love apps, you could find apps on the amazon app store, that may not be in the Google Play store due to different policies on apps that can be presented to the store.  You can install the app pretty easily enough, but it is not obviously, in the Google Play store.

To begin with you need to change one option in your android settings, the below demo is from a nexus 5 running 4.4, but it should be almost the same on other android based devices.


  1. Select the settings option on your device, and from there you need to go to Security. In security you need to check  “Unknown sources” to  allow the installation of the amazon app store, as it is not available in the Google Play store, remember to uncheck this option later on, for security reasons.
  2. From your mobile phone you must now visit this amazon URL, to download the application.  Allow the download to complete before going to step three.
  3. Once the download has completed and you are sure you have completed step one also, swipe down on the top of the screen and run the install file, you need to accept the terms and then you are ready to use the Amazon app store. Simples! Enjoy.

Latest Amazon Kindle update for iPad upsets readers?

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle

It seems, all is not well with loyal Amazon Kindle readers. In the latest update to the Kindle app for the iPad and iPhone, the landscape orientation was adjusted to a two column mode for the iPad. The implementation is not exactly smooth, there is no divider separating the two columns and they are very narrow indeed. The idea is great, but you as you can see it’s implementation pales in comparison to iBooks.  Additionally iPad, users are used to looking at the screen in full in landscape, if you change something like this you should allow an option, to revert to the previous view.

Irish users, have yet to comment in the app store, but the US store is starting to get busy with upset customers, a few examples have been outlined below. What do you think, are you happy? Do you even read in landscape mode? Let us know in the comments.

Let us choose how we want to see the material. I can’t stand the two column in landscape. Please change this soon.

Hate the new two column view. The lack of that is why I picked the Kindle app and store over the apple iBooks app and store for my ebooks. Hopefully the next version makes it optional. I can see how others may like it but it is definitely not for me.

the two-column page was foisted on us. I realize that some people like it, but for me it just breaks up the page into two too-narrow columns, with no divider between them. It also limits my ability to appreciate graphics (maps, photos) that are in landscape. Since I do most of my reading in a landscape format, this is a real disappointment. If I wanted an app that looked like iBooks, I’d use iBooks. Could you please make this an optional setting on the next update? Soon??

Hat tip to George Fisher for the tip off.

iPad V Kindle – Impossible to read the iPad in sunlight

A new Kindle advert demonstrates how difficult it is to read a book in sunlight with your iPad. And while this is very true, I’d like to see someone watch a video on their kindle!

Yes the kindle could be described as a very different animal to the iPad, but if the iPad worked as well in sunlight and was a little more comfortable to hold would you need a kindle? Video after the jump. Continue reading iPad V Kindle – Impossible to read the iPad in sunlight