5 Best fitness channels to follow, for diet, form and inspiration on youtube

Many of these YouTube publishers have developed their successful channels because they have perfected and worked hard on their form and diet when lifting, and are willing to share.

For us mere mortals, it’s probably a good idea to seek some inspiration before a good workout… time to tell your brain, “I need focus, I need strength, I need to look good”. Along our travels, here are some of¬† the best we found, but, of course there are others, comment below and I will update this post.

Kali Muscle

With over 500,000 subscribers this guy is a hard act to follow. “I’m here to motivate and inspire those of you that want to be your best in fitness, bodybuilding, and of course life in general. Let’s live life to the fullest while looking incredible at the same time.”

Dominic Munnelly

Useful Irish based fitness inspiration, he just needs to learn to use landscape mode in his phone ūüėČ

Scott Herman Fitness

SHF is dedicated to creating quality content that will get you the results you are looking for! No gimmicks here! Just hard work!

 The Lean Machines

I just started following these lads, there young but seem to know their stuff, with over 250,000 subscribers…



Serious business, here.


Is this the worst political interview ever?

It’s hard to feel sorry for any politician in Ireland. But when you are completely unable to answer the most basic¬†questions a politician would expect to be asked about their party, it’s hard not to feel sorry for Terence Flanagan of Renua Ireland. He had a complete brain freeze in an interview yesterday with RTE’s Mary Wilson, who handled this interview with her usual finesse. The interview is¬†reminiscent of that dream you had, where you forgot to wear pants to school one day…

A small part of us, a very small part, mind you, fears that even Renua Ireland does not have an answer to those questions, and his reaction reflects this?

Maybe not…

Android running slow?

Even the latest android phones, can slow down a point where it impacts  basic usability, here are a few points that can help bring new life to your android device.


  • App review – How many installed apps are you actually using? Have a quick slide through the apps screen, more than you thought? ¬†Exactly! Even though you may not be using them, these apps, may be hogging¬†background services, slowing down your¬†device using up valuable memory. Delete them! Even if you purchased them previously but don’t need them now, you can still download them again from the Play store for free when you need them.
  • Space – clearing out the cache¬†and removing old photos and documents will help if your device is running low on space which could cause it to run slow.¬†You can clean the cache by selecting settings > device > Storage > cached data > and the confirm you wish to delete data. Any data an app needs will be re-downloaded when it requires it.

on and off again

  • I hate to say this, but it works. Have you tried turning if off and on again? Seriously, it does help, a reboot can refresh the operation of your android device.
  • Start Fresh – Sometimes the only solution is to reset your device completely back to factory settings, make sure to backup first carefully!

How to install the Amazon app store for android – play store alternative

The Amazon app store for android, is an alternative app store for your android based phone. If you love apps, you could find apps on the amazon app store, that may not be in the Google Play store due to different policies on apps that can be presented to the store.  You can install the app pretty easily enough, but it is not obviously, in the Google Play store.

To begin with you need to change one option in your android settings, the below demo is from a nexus 5 running 4.4, but it should be almost the same on other android based devices.


  1. Select the settings option on your device, and from there you need to go to Security. In security you need to check ¬†“Unknown sources” to ¬†allow the installation of the amazon app store, as it is not available in the Google Play store, remember to uncheck¬†this option later on, for security reasons.
  2. From your mobile phone you must now visit this amazon URL, to download the application.  Allow the download to complete before going to step three.
  3. Once the download has completed and you are sure you have completed step one also, swipe down on the top of the screen and run the install file, you need to accept the terms and then you are ready to use the Amazon app store. Simples! Enjoy.

Hate Protein Shakes? – What to do?

If you find it hard to stomach protein shakes, and we don’t mean lactose intolerance here… we mean physically drinking¬† protein shakes¬†with milk or water on the daily, we think we have found a simple and enjoyable way to get your protein into your¬†system and actually enjoy the experience.

Of course, if you don’t hate protein shakes, don’t let us get in your way… Move along now…

Our solution?  Greek yoghurt with banana protein.

Three simple steps

1. Crack open a tub of protein, in the picture we have used ON Banana flavour, and take out a flat scoop.

2. Open a tub of low fat greek yoghurt and gently pour on the protein powder. This step needs a bit of prep work. ..You need to place some kitchen paper under the yogurt pot as the protein powder can go everywhere if you’re not careful.

3. It will take a while to stir it all together, but, in about five minutes it should be read to devour and enjoy.


Short Inspirational Quotes to live by

When you feel down, and everyone feels down at some point in their life, the hope is, at the very least, one of the below inspirational quotes¬†in our list, will not only lift your spirits, but, by way of¬† a small few words, these inspirational quotes, crafted¬†by someone better than I, help inspire you to live the best life you can. #alist Continue reading “Short Inspirational Quotes to live by”

1890 numbers ireland: Avoid calling 1890 and 0818 numbers & save money

Many Irish companies offer 1890 support/contact numbers. These, so called ‘low call numbers’, are often excluded from bundled phone plans on both landline and mobile networks. 1890 numbers may cost from 5 cent to 31c per minute depending on network.

Before you call that number take a look at the website for company you want to dial, if you don’t see a national number listed, instead look for the company’s international number – international? Yes! Simply remove the international prefix and use the national part of the number, which more often than not is cheaper than the low call number¬†if it is excluded from your bundled price plan.

Example: AIB banking number is 0818 724 724 Рtheir international number is 353 1 771 2424. Simply call 01 771 2424 if your inclusive phone plan does not include calling 0818 numbers.

This website has great information on charges and more for 1890 charges in Ireland.


4 great Youtube tech channels you should be subscribing to

A little tip, when you browse youtube and find a channel you like Рsubscribe to it.  Then every time you visit youtube you get a much more refined experience, and if you love your tech like, me you get to stay up to date on the latest.

Below, are some youtube channels you should really be subscribed to, if you take take your technology seriously. Sorry though, most of the embeds below are for the iPhone 6, as at the time of posting this, the iPhone 6 had just come out. Enjoy!

1. The Verge – You won’t miss much in the tech world if you subscribe to their Youtube¬†channel.

2. Marques Brownlee – A youtube success story, and with reason. I really enjoy Marques’s videos, he does not tend to be biased, and is not afraid to correct himself if he had a different experience say with a phone than he anticipated in a previous review.

3. DetroitBORG – Do you enjoy unboxing videos – say no more… – There is of course more to his videos, but we all love a good unboxing video!

4. MobileTechReview  РLisa takes no prisoners with her thorough reviews.