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If anyone is interested in a really great advertising system which can be fully integrated with WordPress, or used on its own, will handle payments and would like it for a discounted price. Read on…

I have been offered 8 USD off the retail price for OIO Publisher for anyone who wishes to use it. I have used OIO Publisher before on my Mobile Phone blog, with success, and I got a good few advertisers using it, it has a PayPal module so it can also manage payments.

I wrote some info on this product below:

OIP Publisher allows you to organize and manage all your advertising requirements from one central location. If you use WordPress, great, you can manage OIO Publisher from the admin panel. If you do not use WordPress, it also works as a stand-alone product!

Why use it?

Money off voucher for OIO Published

You can sell ad space on your blog or website using OIO Publisher or even use it to manage digital sales. The process of selling ad space, inserting the adverts, and processing the payments is all managed by OIO Publisher.

Visitors to your website can place adverts directly on your website or blog using OIO Publisher, make a payment and their advert can go live instantly, or if you prefer you can approve them first!

You can use as many ad sizes as you wish, and it even works with Google AdSense! Got more than one website? No problem, you can use this on all your websites.

If you have not sold any ad space, you can configure OIO Publisher to instead show a banner until space is ready to be sold.

The most recent edition of OIO Publisher also has a built-in theme system. This means your customers get a nice designed system in which to purchase adverts and make payments on the OIO system.

Sorry, I have been unable to find a downside to OIO Publisher, managing your own ad system gets rid of the middleman, meaning the profits are all yours. The price is not bad at all at 47 USD, I can also offer an 8 USD discount to johnmryan.com readers for the month of July 2009.

If you are interested in OIO Publisher click here, and if it is still July 2009, please use the following discount code! Quote “RAINMAN-JOHNRYAN” for your discount.


  • install OIOpublisher as a WordPress plugin or a standalone platform
  • sell all forms of text ads, banner ads, and paid reviews
  • custom purchases also allow you to sell digital products
  • display ads on any website you like using php or javascript
  • installation is simple using the web installer, no more manual file uploading
  • entirely automated, all ad purchases and expiration’s handled automatically
  • click and impression tracking, plus weekly ad reports emailed to advertisers
  • If you want to use this offer click here

Please note the discount is only valid for the month of July 2009

John Ryan

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