Why you should drink more

I don’t advocate drinking more, but there is one obvious exception. Drink More Water.

The benefits of drinking water have been known for years. More recently, those who are trying to maintain or reduce their body fat have been drinking more water to increase the duration of the next meal – in other words to are trying to eat less.

Of course, excessive water is not good for you either, so be careful there too! But how much, is too much water? How much should the average person drink, that is a question that apparently, varies depending on your needs, and activity level, I suggest you check out this website which has more information on this. Your body is roughly 70% water, your blood and every cell in your body are composed of water. For this reason, you need water to function correctly.

For this reason, I always carry a reusable bottle of water with me, and fill up where I see a water filter or have access to cold water! Below are 4 simple reasons why you should, if you are not already drinking more water on a daily basis

4 Reasons to drink more water

Headaches – If you are not drinking enough water you can get headaches. For example, as I understand it, Alcohol causes your body to produce more urine. In turn, urinating more than usual can lead to dehydration. If you suffer from headaches, make sure you are getting enough water! In fact, a good friend of mine, who runs her own blog claims that she no longer stocks headache tablets because she always ensure’s she has her daily water intake!

Better Skin – Remember we humans are made up of water, It’s the best anti-ageing treatment around!

Mood – You feel fresher and cleaner inside when you have had enough water and of course your mood even improves, you may even find yourself going for a run!

Availability – You should feel thankful that you can easily buy/fill up your cup with clean fresh water, there are many in the world who cannot access clean water easily or at all. Enjoy it – it’s (often) free.

John Ryan

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