White Dublin

There was something odd about Dublin this morning. Everyone was operating in slow motion. People who walked to work, started out at their usual rushed pace, but quickly realised speed is not the way this morning, and reduced to a cautious ice-avoidance dance.

I figured out fast it is safer –  for where I live, to walk on the road and avoid the footpath completely. It was the first day back at work for a lot of people. Very few were without gloves, many had a hot coffee with both hands clasped around the paper cup. Of course it has been like this for the past while, but I had the joy of not stepping out in it.

Happy New Year.

By the way, if we have had a very cold and icy winter does that mean we can have a wonderful warm summer also? I tweeted the above pictures this morning. Dublin looks great in white, but it is a very cautious white indeed!

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