Where do you get your news fix?

News fix!
News fix!

For me there are six applications I use daily. I call these my “in the loop apps”. Most iPhone users have a certain few applications they jump into a few times a day. Here are mine, feel free to list your own below in the comments. (Mine have an Irish twang).

  • RTE News Now 3G – Watch Ireland’s RTE “live” news ( on a loop, but also  shows the main live broadcasts ), and read the latest news, sport, business and entertainment news. Shows the latest 30 news articles.
  • Sky News – The latest from Sky News, includes access to the live stream, however there is not many stories to read as the RTE app, but still handy to stay in the loop. The “strange” section can be interesting.
  • BBC News – An interesting deviation from the normal application layout styles, this app comes in both iPhone and iPad flavours, and has a graphic interface, you can slide through the stories.  You can see the latest from each section with a headline and related image, and tap to read/view.
  • Engadget – If you love your gadgets, then engadget is one of the best apps to have, you get access to all their stories, more gadget news than you can handle!
  • Mashable – Your social Media guide on the iPhone, again like the BBC applications this app has a very interesting and different layout.
  • Irish Times.com – Basic enough an application, but great to have the latest from the Irish Times on the move, worth having, simple and easy to use.

What apps do you use to keep you up to date?

John Ryan

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