Happenings on Irish Rail – Iarnród Éireann

Sorry for the lack of updates, but you can get tired of blogging at times. I am writing this on the train to Dublin, internet – curtsy of O2 Broadband, it’s holding up – maybe better than me. Irish Rail has been blowing some smoke lately about their new trains, while this one is very clean and new, it seems there has been no effort to work on the actual rail lines, as its bumpier than teenagers face. That said, I usually drive, or take the bus if I have to, the train is so expensive, it’s not really worth it.

You have the usual passengers on this train, most notably is the Britney (yes I’ve named her) the girl who whats you to know how great she is, even though we are about 6 seats away the whole carriage knows she is a student, works weekends, has an order with amazon for college books, which she decided to have posted to her aunts house in Meath – even though she lives in Dublin – ‘ she was just was not thinking that day’ – apparently, she was also at a court case recently, not sure why, but apparently the judge warned her not to discuss this in public, when she meets a guy on a night out she does not give him her number but rather her brothers phone number, because when she tries to make up a fake phone number, she always ends up giving out the real number… She must be talking to a ghost however, I cant hear what the other person is saying, I can only assume her friend is speaking in a normal tone.

I’ve just been interrupted to ask if I want coffee- this is new, and not happened on any of my previous Limerick- Dublin trips – a nice touch – I assume it’s not included in the 45 euro ticket price.

One other thing, there is a woman singing a song, like to one you hear old people singing in those older type pubs where they play ’45’ and drink sherry. She has stopped now, perhaps to sip her ‘coffee’. I spoke too soon, she is now singing again, but not alone this time – a gentleman has joined her to sing you ‘you will never defeat the IRA’ and ‘Billy don’t be a hero – come back to me’. I can only assume she is intoxicated, and hope she will soon drift off. One plus though it has stopped Britney from yapping her hole off.

We are now at Thurles, and I love that the automated voice guy said it in Irish first.

John Ryan

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  1. It sounds like it was an interesting journey. I almost hit the backbutton when I saw the name Britney. I thought it was “the Britney” and I’m so tired of hearing about what a bad person she is.

  2. You’re an awful moany bastard.

    Only kidding, I agree with you. Those girls are everywhere, on buses, trains, they drive me mad. I hate getting the train, much prefer the bus – and you get to stop in Borris!

  3. Looks like an interesting trip alright, and poor Britney she could be the complete opposite you no…!

  4. that does sound like an interesting trip…imagine on a long haul flight > 12 hrs when you have someone snoring or farting or a baby crying non stop. It happens trust me. Also did you buy the coffee, sure you paid > €3 for it.

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