Wake Up Eircom – Doing it the old Way

Those of you who have broadband, please look away now.

Because if you do, the chances are you do not live in Ireland. The ‘roll out’ for broadband by Eircom and other providers, are just so slow, its just beyond a joke. Each time you ring them for an update on availability the time-frame jumps a further two months. Dial up its just, well a joke. All you really can do with it, is send & receive Mail, forget graphic websites or music downloads. But of course the phone Bill is a happy at 250-300 Euro, because those of us who go online before 6PM ( no names here) will PAY with blood and sweat, with an blue and orange flavoured bill (eircoms chosen colors). I missed some auction bids on eBay, because the dial up was too slow, I can’t get all those music downloads, no software updates, no virus updates.

Those survey guys that are always reporting to us on newspapers, that tell us Ireland simply is not using the internet as much as the UK or US, the answer is staring you in the face. We can’t, where is Broadband for the rest of the country, we get that you have covered Dublin.

Now, I wonder why such companies as Eircom, spend so much money telling us about the benefits of broadband, by having posters, advertisements on radio, television with that sexy travel presenter, when half the country can’t get it? Why not put that money into speeding up getting broadband to everyone. I can appreciate that it is a “delicate technology” but this is a bit too slow. Perhaps it would cause a loss in revenue, I mean surly its better to have people on Dial up when you can charge them a fortune for it. I was looking at SKY Channel 666 NTL broadband ad channel and the Broadband offers there are very interesting and attractive, but I don’t live in the UK!

You know maybe, I like the rest of the Country should forget the Internet completely, and go to the pub!

This tends to be where RSS comes into play for me, as I can, download, easily and quickly my favorite website posts ( admittedly only a excerpt for some sites) using my Sharp Reader. RSS, I did not understand at first, but now, I get it, its a great tool, although it does take form the website visit – feel – you need for the internet website ‘experience’ but a website visit is obviously required or you will miss the lovely designs and templates update!

John Ryan

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