Three Mobile Ireland: If you move to Three what will you miss

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This is not really me having a go at three mobile. But here is a list of things about the mobile network that I really dislike and things you will miss if you move to that network, I’m doing this also because of the launch of their new advertising campaign.

1. The Internet – it’s like being at work – Three Mobile decides what sites you can and cannot use.
2. Topping Up- Only way to do it is in your local shop/supermarket – and usually, they have never heard of Three Mobile so they have to get the manager.

3. On-Screen top-up balance – can’t do it – you have to call the automated line.
4. TV –  notice that in their recent campaign – which I understand is an expensive one – they mention TV  there is NO TV service, apart from clips from three shows Little Britain, Father Ted and the Office.
5. Music & Games – They want 2 euro per tune (99 cents on iTunes) and 7 euro upwards for games!

Having said all this there are advantages such as cheap roaming costs, 5c text messages, cool phones, their coverage is pretty good mostly due to their Vodafone agreement. But I have noticed my phone loses coverage sometimes for up to five minutes while it tries to switch from one network to the other.

John Ryan

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  1. Just to let you know you can check your remaining balance by going onto my3 on planet 3 which can be done instantly if you book mark it making it as fast as doing *174#

    Oh and about the blocking of internet well their bringing out their x series soon so give it time

    and if your on bill pay you get by far the most for what you pay in ireland

    • Having had two different handsets with 3 tht both four times in ten months.i can honestly state tht is by far worst provider thus far.

  2. Totally useless.
    I am trying get out of my contract.
    Nothing but problems. could not receive calls form some numbers, 3.5 weeks to solve that problem.
    Handset packed up then, they offered a new handset FOR 50 EURO and extend the contract.

    Useless. Useless.

  3. “3… we’re cheap because we’re crap”

    – The worst customer service I’ve ever encountered – if you’re having a problem and you do get through to someone who actually speaks english, they’ll either hang-up or promise to ring you back and never do – make sure to ask for their name & employee number! Been having a simple problem for nearly 4 weeks now and still no closer to getting it sorted.

    – Roamers Beware. As they are a reletively new network, 3 do not have agreements with a large number of networks in other countries. This can lead to huge problems when you or someone you need to contact goes abroad. For example, i recently texted someone in austrialia and they received the same text over 50 times as 3 could not be sent a deleivery confirmation. When I phoned them to enquire, they quite rudely told me tough, there’s nothing they can do about it… nice. Recently, they told me that this problem had been fixed but when i tried again, low and behold… that’s right, they’re full of sh*t.

    – The 3g coverage is absolutely useless. I travel around the country alot with work but if i’m a stones throw outside an urban area I can never get the 3g coverage. Insead, I get this crappy 2.5g service (i.e. not 3g at all). Sort it out 3!

    – Their 3g content sucks ass! Even if you recently won the lotto and can afford to watch their clips, you’ll still be unsatisfied. Also, its very crap image quality and seriously slow.

    “3… we’re cheap because we’re crap”

    3, stop spending all your money on ad campaigns and sort out your company instead!

  4. More problems with them.
    Disablem all my services ,as I had not paid them , but in fact they owed me money.
    You get throught to an Indian call centre, very nice people but definitly a communication problem.
    supervisors are useless. Sent a email from their site but got a call back from India , all very nice on the phone but nothing they can do , ” you see Mr Albie there is nothing we can do so F off and stope bothering us”
    I would strongly recommend that you do not sign up with the three network. Oh and if you try to end the contract they want 500 euro plus……

  5. I have been with three for just over a year now and while i do agree that their self proclaimed image of being fast mobile broadband is a little exaggerated to say the least, and they don’t really have a lot of decent free content (bar the football). I have found that they have been very good value for a low usage user such as myself. I travel to and from the North on a frequent basis and while on my previous contract with vodafone, i was spending approx €60 to €80 a month because of calls to UK mobiles etc. Since i moved to 3 i now get more free minutes than i did on vodafone, for a cheaper monthly fee , and can use a percentage of those calls to UK landlines AND mobiles. My bill has never been over €37 in 12 months.
    I’ve never really had a major problem, so i can’t really comment on customer service, although i would prefer an Irish or even UK call centre as there can be difficulties trying to get across what your problem is to somebody who doesn’t have english as a first language.
    The only thing is a lack of handsets to choose from – i am currently using what appear to be one of only 2 decent handsets available (Nokia 6280) and now that I’m due an upgrade, my best option seems to be to get a new 6280, a year later… when there are so many excellent new 3G handsets available, why can’t 3 keep up with the times a bit…
    Also, while i’m on the subject, why is it that Irish customers seem to always get a raw deal when it comes to either the price of a handset, or the amount of free calls etc we get for our money.
    I was in the north looking at the new Nokia N75 and it’s available for £100 when bought with a monthly contract costing £30 p/m. for this you get something like 1000 free minutes and 500 texts. 😀 Now in the south, the N75 isn’t even available on any network and will cost you “from” €719… 😯
    If anyone knows of any upcoming new handsets available on the irish three network, please let us know…

  6. Shuggy – you are 100% right the costs of making calls on three is super!

    But they have much much to work on! 🙄

  7. Had a quick look online for more info on this and discovered a new service available in the UK – XSeries… Seems to be a flat rate broadband kind of thing for mobiles, with skype included etc. i think has the potential to change the way in which people use their phones… Looking forward to seeing what kind of tariffs are available etc..

  8. Interested on the X-Series thing
    I contacted three, they tell me they are currently beta testing handsets in Ireland and that it should be launched, available before end of June,

    The deal seems fairly progressive, I am currently on Vodafone….when I even mention Skype through Wifi to them, it takes fifty people to get a response and even then Vodafone will disable on own handsets…e61, n73 etc….Although I spoke to one of their data guys who told me he has seen many handsets in for repair that have Skype on them. Three seem to actively embrace the concept, it is the future so obviously they are trying to stay ahead of the game, if they offer this under their “fair usage” policy, then I would convert….and stay…

    I agree with the earlier point on the cost of handsets…scandalous….economies of scale I suppose, Uk Population 60 million, Ireland 4.5 million….separate profit making organisations in different countries… but even so…they are getting the arm in big time….

    I await X series with baited breath…..

  9. Rumor has it that the x-series will launch in Ireland on July 2nd, I almost went for a Blackberry on 02 last week, but I think i’ll hold off. If they Launch the Nokia E61 in Ireland it just may be an alternative. As for the company as a whole it seems to operate totally independent from the global structure. Their web portal walled garden is crap and the content is aimed at kids. I was almost at my wits end over their lack of professionalism and that annoying song that grates like nails on a blackboard every time you visit there site. That being said they are a dynamic company and if they get their act together I could see apple approaching them to host the iphone.

  10. I find three absolutley rubbish,myself and the grilfriend have been with them 18 months, and after complaing lots of times about coverage,(dropped calls error in connection etc) they came to the conclusion that it was a “handset issue”,so low and behold we get new handsets and we’re still having problems its so frustrating!!you call the customer service and its so hard to get any joy they’ll take your details pass them on to “tech support” then call you back saying that the coverage is fine in your area,when it bloody well isn’t!! and as someone else said they won’t let you out of your contract without paying a shed load of money,its crazy when they are not providing adequate service!!any one have any advice on getting away from them with becoming broke?any help would be appreciated.Regards
    Terence Martin

  11. terence – try comreg – sorry but if your not having any luck it may be your only other option

    Commission for Communications Regulation,
    Block DEF,
    Abbey Court,
    Irish Life Centre,
    Lower Abbey Street,
    Dublin 1.
    Tel: 353 1 8049600
    Fax: 353 1 8049680

    • Three’s latest scam in Ireland is with premium message operators. I got around 40 euros worth of these sms’ charged to my account. When I queried the charge, three said I had signed up to receive the sms which I hadn’t and as they were only acting as agents for the providers, I had to sort it out with them.

      I said to them that if they are charging me, then they should send me proof that I signed up to be charged for the sms’. They said they couldn’t send me any proof as they just do the charges that’s all. Total rip off.

      I complained to the Ombudsman. They said that I would need to take it up with the premium rate people and gave me a premium rate number to all them on. Now that was the funny bit!! Tried calling the premium rate people and of course, got put on hold!

      Since then I have been bombarded with calls, sms’ from Three from call centres in India asking me to pay up. I am refusing to pay any bill from them until they refund me the money they have ripped off from me. Arrogant sobs.

  12. I have both my mobile and Data Card with 3.. I have no problems with the mobile but my internet is just ridiculous. My transfer rate while downloading has been as slow as 968 bytes/sec. This is nowhere near the advertised Speeds of upto 3.6mb/sec. I’d be better off with dial up. Is anyone else having this problem?

  13. i recently bought one of the usb data cards. It worked great for the first three weeks, but now, I lucky if I get 18 kbps- that is why I am searching the various boards. I was an hour yeserday and could only get about 2kbps. I’ve heard of broadband contention but this is ridiculous not happy, not happy at all!

  14. You’re not alone D. Robinson. When I got the modem speeds were between 1mb and 1.8Mb. Now after just over 2 months the speeds are between 16k and 50k.
    Just called their support line and there is is no technical staff available so they will call me back. After reading this blog I think I’ll just have to take the hit, cancel the direct debit, write off the modem cost and find a provider that provides.
    Slick advertising is about all you’re paying for with this outfit. The money you pay definitely does not guarantee any kind of quality of service.

    If 3 Mobile were an airline they might be Ryanair

  15. just updating on my previous comment with some good news,myself and my girlfriend eventually got out of our contract without paying the cancellation fee,which is good news for me, the only advice I can give to people in a similar situation is to not give up,keep ringing them and complaining and make sure they log every call,try not to get frustrated with them on the phone(its hard not to!!)hopefully you will get out of it as well,best of luck, Terence

  16. They told me they’d ring me back too Grinder. Never rang me.. I rang a few times, eventually getting through to a Technician. Told me there’s nothing he could do. The datacards have been selling out and the network can’t handle it. There’s just too many people using it in my area. Sligo…..

  17. What will you miss if you move to Three?
    Well if you move to them for Broadband you will miss broadband. For e129 down and e19.99 a month you will get the slowest most contentious dialup service in the country if not the world.

    For those of you who like myself have the USB modem and are unsatisfied please note that the service from the Dublin call center is no better than that from the Indian center.

    That said the contact there is Peter Cogan and the number is 01-5426300

    Not only are they breaking all the advertising rules and not sell “fit for purpose” they are making it difficult for anyone to obtain their statutory rights.
    Someone must take them to task for this.

    Grinder, Dublin (apologies for the Union Jack – don’t know how to fix this) Ex-UK where they do have Broadband that is actually Broad and up almost all the time, weather permitting.

  18. I received my 3 data card on Monday 23rd July and am returning it on Wed 25th. I live in Donegal and have no access to broadband with Eircom. The card worked ok on the first night. Then the connection kept flickering between 3G and HSPDA. It took 40 mins to load my homepage. The Indian call centre were friendly, but not really helpful. I am now waiting for a jiffy bag to arrive to send the thing back.

  19. Do not go near Three mobile broadband with a bargepole. It would laughably poor if I hadn’t already signed up for it.
    Three really need to get more of a hammering in the press for repeating the same trick in Ireland that they pulled in the UK. Utterly, utterly under resourced, poor quality service, but reasonably priced.
    Had an awful experience with them in the UK (which I won’t bother going into) but gave them a second chance in Ireland having moved over here. Wish I hadn’t. My 3.6 Gbps ‘blazing fast’ mobile broadband connection usually runs at sub 1k. That is despite the modem console telling me I have full HSDPA signal. When I spoke to customer service I was assured that three would be increasing network capacity in the near future. OI, THREE HOW ABOUT YOU INVEST IN THE NETWORK BEFORE YOU ROLL OUT THE SERVICE AND CHARGE PEOPLE FOR IT. Three has now definitely cornered the market in short-changing its customers.

  20. EH – I stand to be corrected here if anyone else has concrete information, but 3 does not have a call centre in Dublin?
    Where did you get that fella’s details from? That is the 3 Head office number according to their website. Word of mouth has it that there is no Customer Services in Ireland at all. Its all in India.. which , If i may have my say, has become better and better over the months. I really dont think that they are as bad as everyone makes out – At least the people there TRY and help, its not like the joyful “Mary-at-ESB-who-is 500-years-old-and-is-only-doing-this-job-because-I-hate-people-and-i-get-pleasure-in-cutting-off-their-electricity-even-though-their-bills-are-paid” Every time I have had a question, they have found out the answer for me..
    I know everyone moans about the coverage, but in my 18 months on contract with 3, I have only ONCE had bad signal – that was in MAYO.. in a field – surrounded by sheep! I think that someone did an independant survey about coverage there about 8 months ago – and 3 actually came out tops??? So is it just in everyones minds? I cant say I have ever asked for a call back, so I can not comment on that.. If you are not getting anywhere with having your issue resolved would you not go into a 3store? I am sure they deal with India everyday and are probably more used to the accents?
    Overall, I think 3 is great, and I have no desire to go back to Vodafone with their prices and poor Customer Service..

  21. Lewy, you are correct – there is no Customer Service site in Dublin or Ireland and to the best of my knowledge none in the UK either. The number listed is that of their Head Office and when I asked to speak with someone regarding a refund I was advised that a particular person would contact me. They never have.

    Having said that I was contacted by someone from India whose only solution was to download the Web Accelerator. That’s fine if you are on genuine dial-up and have no need for a personal firewall. Those of us who do use personal firewalls will find the Web Accelerator incompatible. They also said the the problem was recognised but could provide no timeline as to when a solution would be in place.

    The issue I have with 3 is an issue all users will have with their mobile “Broadband” supplier at some stage in their contract be it O2, Vodafone, or whoever realises they can make a killing with no infrastructure in place and get away with it because there are enough gullible eejits out there who believe the advertising hype.

    While the issue is not entirely with 3, although my rant is because my contract is with them, the real rant is with the Telecoms industry and our willingness to let them rip us off.

    The product is advertised as “Broadband” and is supposed to provide a “smooth and fast” surfing experience. As I have said previously – yes it can be fast, and it might be smooth, but I am rarely awake when this happens.

    Three, 3, is an example of what the industry is doing – charging us for a service they cannot, or will not, provide at an exhorbitant price for what they actually provide. They are selling Dial-up as Broadband primarily to recoup the vast amounts of money they squandered on 3G licences.

    This rip-off is not just an Irish experience however, other countries have fixed line broadband with sufficiently high download and low enough contention rations to make products such as USB modems unceccessary except when there is a genuine need for a mobile solution have the same problem. Except Australia – whether this is due to population density or proper consumer protection laws I don’t know but I suspect the latter.

    As far as the Indian center is concerned – yes they are friendly and helpful but they cannot provide a solution.

    As far as the coverage is concerned – again there is no problem. I have never had less than 5×5, even in Cavan.

    The problem is that the product is advertised and sold as Broadband with “up to 3.6Mb” download when the reality is that the download rarely gets over 50Kbps even when the connection is 100% and the light is blue.

    In summary, the problem here is the consumer who buys this trash and the consumer laws which allow such trash to be sold under false pretences. “Up to X Mbps” is a get out for the suppliers. What we need is a defined minimum speed before a service can be described as Broadband.

    If what is written here can convince enough consumers to think again and NOT buy this rubbish, we’re winning. If it can convince enough of us to either demand our money back or at least cancel the Direct Debit so companies like 3 are not making any more money under false pretences, it’s a bonus.

    If we, as consumers, get what we are paying for and soon rather than later – we’ve won.

    In the meantime – enjoy your “Always On Dial-Up”

  22. After numerous calls to Three they eventually rang back. Apparently they are upgrading the network in the next three weeks, all over Ireland, and we should see a “Significant” improvement in download speeds. Only time will tell.

  23. Hey all,
    called into the 3Store on Graftonstreet last week and was told the the xseries will be here before the end of August 2007. Apparently, they are upgrading the network, and the mobile TV on 3 will be much better than it is at the mo. Well, then again, I was told by that back in Feb. 07 too.
    I use 3Austria and 3UK, and their offerings are 10 times better than 3 Ireland. I hope 3 Irelands product management team will cope on soon and offer what there sister networks offer in Italy, Austria, UK, … that is much better service and really cool mobile features.

  24. Take my advice, I have X series in England, trust me it does not work, the concept is fine but the phone (Nokia E65) locks up regularly, and the 3 network coverage is pitiful, dropped calls if you get a call and network busy if your any where near London. I have 14 months to go of an 18 month contract! Can’t wait to get out of it!
    Sign up with 3 at your peril!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Bought x series 2 weeks ago in North – checked website to ensure I could get 3 coverage in Portsalon Donegal. Can’t get any signal – costing me a fortune in roaming costs. The internet access on mobile is £5 per month ad is not bad – a bit slow but can’t expect too much. You can even watch some TV channels for extra £5 per month. But the coverage in Donegal is my main concern – anyone else having problems in this area of Donegal.


    how much does it cost to cancel contract? im on 3 contract 3months now and not one good word about it. poor coverage,useless internet and customer service that cant speak english or do their jobs right.
    i had my dad take out the contract for me as i needed bank statement that bank told me wait 3 weeks for. anyway, we have same name so i asked services to change date of birth and after 20 mins on the phone talkin to me and dad the non EU citizen said everything was fine.
    rang back a week later but she didnt change it.stupid bitch.
    ordered unlock codes for phone but they didnt ring me to let me know they had received them as they told me they would contact me ASAP.
    more recently(yesterday) a native surely of africa, demanded i pay three with visa,laser,3rd party credit card(since i have none of my own) and insisted i give mothers visa no. i pay with bank draft so after listening to her get abusive and forceful with me i just hung up.

  27. thinking of buying a mobile broadband modem. if 3 is so crap is there any other one i should look at… vodafone or o2????

  28. Hiya,

    I have heard nothing but bad things about three, i would look at o2 and vodafone and make sure they have mobile broadband coverage in your area..

    take care


  29. lots of probs with 3ireland messengers [all] blocked no login to several sites/ web pages not available/only get runaround when i contact3 which is routed to india and sometimes hung up on in mid conversation. What a farce of a service and hidden charges !!!!

  30. my daughter has lodged a complaint with Comreg and suggest you do likewise if you are getting no satisfaction with 3ireland they have breached contract on more than one occasion

  31. latest update on 3ireland all their web pages are now inaccessable past two days is this a sign of collapse of the company, lets hope

  32. I contacted newstalk between 9am and 11am and spoke to Emma about 3ireland who said it would be raised on air about problems so she contacted 3 press office and behold that was the end of that but she did manage to retrieve 26euro credit from them for me which i was denied previously / text comments to newstalk 53106

  33. 3ireland are now blocking access to me contacting your sites John policy denied is the message they give me

  34. Hey Peter,
    sorry, to hear your experience with 3 is not going so well. I moved my number from O2 to 3 a couple of weeks back.
    Cant complain so far. Connections are good, customer service is friendly, but I its obvious they are just following a script (which is okay with me).

    I have been with Vodafone and O2 for the last couple of years and I have a couple of horror stories I could tell you about, agents hanging up, network busy signal, …

    I would say, logon to, get the company registration details of three ireland and send a professional and friendly letter of complaint to the three board members. Thats what I do when I dont get anywhere with call centers.
    Personally, I make one phone call and send one email with my complaint. If I am not happy after that, I go right to the top.

  35. your info needs a bit of an update but otherwise TOTALLY AGREE! they sold me an n73 for €229 and now want to replace it with sony k800i as they cannot repair the nokia! yet they refuse to give me the price difference of €100 only offerring €30 for the month of hassle i have had from them and their indian call centre!

  36. to cancel your three contract i would advise gather as muce evidence(write everything down every call to customer care every time service is gone etc) and then download forms from court services for small claims court and remember to call three “hutchison 3g ireland ltd. this is the only thing they understand the thieves!

  37. latest i have got from is following—-rude customer service mumbled name tells me their store assistance gave me wrong info when buying nokia 6233 and it is useless for accessing 3ireland services. I will have to travel back to 3 store (6 hrs travel time) to try and get a refund or replacement for mobile even though the assistant is responsible

  38. Why have 3ireland got a customer service email service when all you get in response to a detailed email u send them is a rude/indifferent operator calling you on your mobile. Is it fear of a record of the email answer ???????

  39. promised services (engineer) checked details of my mobile and gave it the ok saying(promising) that i would have all services advertised with my nokia 6233 at purchase then operator tell me it is not “suitable” yet the poster adds say the services are included on the 6233

    Edit (19031): Name of engineer removed.

  40. yes they seem to tell different customers differernt answers to the same question/problem! that iss the sign of a company in serious trouble so if you can get your three phone unlocked by them then do it before they stop answering even their customer care number! i have tried their head office number but it seems to go straight to voicemail for three numbers!

  41. how right you are foggy lad if you try to go to their web pages note they are not opening, not even for sales blurb and pictures of mobiles. I agree the bells are ringing for the demise of 3ireland( was it a tax incentive) that it began with ?, as india being there base for all things seems fishy to me

  42. ta foggy but I thought unblocking can be done privately for a fee, is that so or would there be a problem. P

  43. Hi

    I was seriously thinking about moving to 3. I was going to get a new handset and i particularly wanted mobile broadband.

    I just wasn’t sure about them and i’m so glad that i found this blog. It’s very interesting, and on balance I don’t think I’ll move from Vodafone just yet. It all sounds like too much hassle.

    I would like to reduce the cost of my bill, but what point if you there isn’t good enough coverage etc. No point in paying less and having no service.

    Thanks to everyone for the comments.. brilliant!

  44. 08/11/2008

    I have been with 3 mobile now for 4 months – nothing but total hassle. I am going home to write a letter to comreg. Not that it will do any good, unless they are prepared to pay the €240 they are looking for me to get out of my contract.

    I have had ongoing poblems with the handset which are still not resolved. There customer service is diabolical – really. I cannot emphasis how bad there customer service really is.

    At this point I have cancelled my DD and have told them that until they correct my issues they will receive no further payment from me. I really don’t care if they switch my phone off at this stage as it never works half the time anyway. I really feel like forfeiting my mobile phone number (which I have had for the last 6 years) and walking away without paying them another penny – let them try to take me to court.

  45. I have a N73 and Data card from 3 and am based in Co. Mayo. Lots of problems when the new tarriff was rolled out with slow speed. After 6 months of improvement now we have lost all coverage for 3G and 2.5G is also down 90% of the time. After 2 weeks of calls to indian call centre and no promised call backs I am very fustrated mostly by the fact that they first said it was fixed and it wasnt and now saying they have no timescale for when the basestation cells in the Mayo area will be fixed. It is now Dec 2nd, do I wait for Xmas or give up and find another ntwork provider? 3 strikes and they should be out..

  46. Hi,
    am thinking of changing from Vodafone to Three…mainly cos I don’t like any of the phones that vodafone has…the one phone that I really like can only be purchased on Three…I have no interest in broadband so my only concern is if the coverage for making calls is good?? has anyone ever travelled to Malaysia/Indonesia with the Three network and if so how was the coverage???

  47. Denise – Your best bet is to check out their coverage map to see what the National Coverage is like, also ask around to see what its like in your area, 3 tends to ok, but customer service is awful.

    With regards to roaming, what usually happens is the network has roaming agreements to use other networks in the country you are visiting, call them to see if they have such an agreement in Malaysia. I visited Malaysia this year on O2 Ireland – coverage was fine in KL but varied elsewhere, i found buying a cheap SIM card and topping up over there the best option.

    Best of luck and enjoy your trip.

    P.S is the best place to ask these questions ^_^

  48. the really annoying thing about Three is their customer service. i have an issue where sometimes I cannot send text messages to certain numbers. It seems random , i.e i could send a text to one friend but not another. next day the problem might affect the first person but not the second. every time I rang up I was given the same spiel and the problem has never been resolved. once my contract is up i’m defo moving to meteor.

  49. Hi guys I am having trouble with a hand set that I bought off 3 , go to the following link and look up your rights under law, you can also make a complaint to them and you can also go to the small claims court it only casts €15

  50. Just thought I’d throw in my 2 cents and say that, by law, your Internet Service Provider is required to give you internet speeds of at least 60% of the advertised speed. Anything under that is violating your consumer rights. I’d head straight back to the shop and ask for my money back.

    On a side-note, NOBODY get clearwire broadband, it’s dreadful.

  51. hi every body i must say i originaly started out with 3 mobile 2 years ago as a prepay subscriber with which i had no issue with, i swaped over 6 months ago to bill pay with 3 as it.s cheaper on bill than it is on prepay for calls.
    2 months ago i started to have problems with calls been droped loss of signal interference during conversation and having to move around to ensure i didnt loose my call droped calls are a every day occurance on both outbound calls and recieved calls somtimes i have had to recall the same person 3 times to finish the same call.i hate calling their call center as their lack of knowledge of the english accent is inadaquate.
    i was told a month ago that one of their transmitters in my area was down and it was been repaired but no specified time given to me a month later the transmitter is fixed but my service issue and network issue still continues. i have canceled my direct debit with my bank because while i was speaking to a rep of 3 mobile resently the rep placed me on mute 5 times in the space of 7 minutes which totaly p***d me off so i sat down and wrote a very long email to them informing them the steps i have taken andwhat i want before resumeing any agreement with 3.
    3 mobile may say you are on contract with them but unless you sighned a paper contract then you are not bound to stay with them at all.if the wave a contract or agreement at you just remind them that they are allso tied to an agreement with you which is to provide you with a mobile service that you deserve or better than none. if thy fail to do this then legaly they are in breech of their service agreement with you which leaves any other agreement that you have with them null in void.
    i have emailed them 4 times outlineing my terms before i will reenter any future agreement with them. i have allso told them that i will no longer wish to discuss the matter with agents over the phone that all contact is to be undertaken in writeing.
    they have a month to sort there mess out with me if not then i will take the matter trough the court and i will ensure that the public media are informed. if i pay for a service then i want what i pay for which is a first class service i didnt opt for a billing account to pay for 3rd class service and to have people who do not understand a word i say to tell me that they can not do anything for me. 3 always seem to pass the buck around when it comes to sorting out a network issue. the staff in the 3 stores leave a lot to show as unless you are wearing a suit when entering their stores your treated like royalty if you enter their store with your work clothes on your are treated like an out cast or a vagrent which realy dose quite leave you feeling quite insulted.
    so my gloves are on and it’s up to 3 if i dont get a satisfied result then i will drag 3 the full 10 rounds.
    any way ive ranted on so im going to leave now. by the way dose anyone know where or how a person can obtain a network unlock code for a SEk610i which is locked to 3 i do not want to pay 3 for a code that they get for free in the first place.

  52. David,

    wow, 3 are still as bad as ever. lol.
    I would say, get the telecoms reg. involved. The only way for 3 to get their finger out.
    I had major problems some months back and even email Rachel Channing (Head of PR and Comms) and Robert Finnegan (to be the best of my knowledge the MD of 3 Eire) and accused their 3 sales staff and marketing material of misleading customers. Guess what, no response from either of them, even though I know that their email address works as I had previously received a reply from them. So, I guess, if their top management team is not willing (competent?) in order to respond to customers, I guess, what can you expect then from their staff?
    Hope all goes well,

  53. Oh, just one more thing….
    I have worked in India with various supports and their employees are hard workinkg individuals!
    I honestly think ppl are doing them wrong.
    Its not their fault that they have to follow scripts and do not have the autonomy to provide excellect customer service.
    Its a shame that top management at 3 still has not realized that Tayloristic Support Centres do not work and cause damage to their own organization in the long run.

  54. I have had an awful time with three mobile. I had an issue with my calls constantly dropping all the time when people were ringing me. The only way that I could remedy this was to ring the other person back. Of course then my mobile bills were nearly triple from what they normally were. I contacted them and they said it was a handset issue. So after the ordeal of 2 different handsets along with the original one I felt it was time for more action. Got not joy by contacting them through mail or phone. So I finally bit the bullet and contacted the communication regulator. They were fairly quick to get on then. Anyways, they were hell bent on not accepting any blame and they said it was the area I lived in. I live in the middle of a large town in the midlands.Also I was refusing to pay my bills as it was their problem that had lead to this issue. So, I finally had to pay some of the overdue money in order to cancel my contract and get my number from them to port it over to another network.Oh ye also, the bills that they send out were always late and sometimes never arrives. When I rang up about this they had the cheek to try and charge me for an additional bill. Also they were ringing me to see why I didn’t pay the bill eventhough I didn’t receive it in the first place. What a shower of idiots? Absolute rubbish! Forget about the phone business, just keep spending money on sport sponsorship

  55. the latest from three is now they are taking away the 5cent messages they gave “FOREVER” to customers that joined three on prepay before april 2007.

    they are introducing a new prepay plan that is mandatory for all customers even those on their “for life” messaging plan! this has yet to be challenged in the courts but is most definetly illegal going by their own terms and conditions.

    just another sign that the recession is hitting them very hard indeed!

  56. I changed to meteor as soon as they said they were bringing in the mandatory price increase. They have been trying everything they can to get people on their new, more expensive tariff.

    i feel sorry for the muppets who actually bought a phone through them. Some of these phones are fairly heavily branded and hard/expensive to unlock

  57. Hi John

    Could you drop me an email (as above) or give me a call on 08300 28518. I’ve just stumbled across your thread about not getting a reply from me – which I am surprised by as I take great pride in following up with anyone who contacts me. I just wanted to touch base to see if there was anything more i could do at this stage.


    • Hi Rachel,
      I tried to connect to you on Linkedin as we have many links but couldnt as I dont actually 'know' you. Could you drop me a line please?

  58. well after several weeks and a formal complaint to three about how they were defrauding customers by removing them from the 5cent messaging for life tarrif i made a complaint to the national consumer agency and their commercial practices division that deals with unfair contracts and terms and conditions etc deemed it unfair and illegal to remove customers from an affer that was advertised as being for life!

    of course then after the regulatry bnodies got involved three backtracked on what they had done!

    it seems three will steal from customers and only return your credit/offers when forced to do so by the regulatory bodies!

    they also stole the same offer from two relatives who are both minors so they illegally changed their price plans without informing them!

    forget the call centre it is nothing more than a whine line for us poor customers to rant over things which three have no intention of fixing.

  59. Well its been a long time since I commented about 3irelands service. I am now expert in 3 modem settings after spending 100s hours carrying out procedures and talking on phone since signing up to 3. to date I have got 3 months free rental from them but the problem is that its like giving you a bike with no pedals lol. It only works 25% of the time.
    When I asked to end the contract they told me I would incurr a penalty to which I replied “surely the goods are not fit for purpose purchased” and covered under sale of goods act, they replied ” we will forego the penalty charge” please bear with us as we are upgrading our service.This was 2 months ago and things have worsened since then. What a rip off farce as they say congestion is the problem with so many signing up to 3ireland they have to build more masts.

  60. I had great difficulty in sending last message about 3ireland took me best part half an hour to post this comment due to internet connection being so bad they told me Its not good to expect service at “PEAK TIMES” who can ?

  61. 3 Ireland have been using the congestion due to the huge volume of new signups excuse since September 2007. Two years later isn’t it really time they got their act together if the will was there to do so?

    One might have thought when Minister Ryan gave them the national broadband contact that they would make some effort to improve but judging by the recent comments here it is just the same old story.

    When I was having issues with their service back in 2007 I contacted Ms Channing and got an initial response but no more. It is a little rich to see her make an appearance here and claim she follows up.

    Anyway, happily my services from 3 are behaving at the moment but I do feel for people going through the extremely frustrating process of getting satisfaction from them.

  62. Hi,

    I would like to add my complain about 3 broadband ie. I didn’t use the 3 broadband for months because was unavailable (I had another Internet provider) and they keep sending me bills and letters from collection manager. I already pay them more than 100e for nothing. What can I do? I will go to court with them I will explain the judge. I told them on the phone to the Indian phone adviser that I have no signal in the area, I don’t need the service because is unavailable but no success. I have to pay because I signed the 18months contract. I have to keep my word because I signed but they don’t feel any obligation to provide quality services to the clients. This is called legally thefts. We should do something abut this, in Italy is not like this. If they don’t provide quality services to the clients you don’t have any obligation to pay them because you signed the contract.
    Till then make like this to get revenge against this million dollars fake company. If you find somewhere on the Internet a banner advertising for 3 click there for 100 times daily. They have to pay for each click you make without buying anything. They should learn that they live in a community (Internet) and if they don’t behave correct they have to pay.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment on my blog, you should contact comreg, I had the same problem with O2, I signed a contract, they said I had to fulfil it, but I said the contract is not void as they are unable to provide a service they promised, it is the same with you, why should you pay for something you are not getting as promised

  63. I am so sorry I did not stumble on this thread when I was switching to three. Sure all the features they were advertising were quite impressive – unlimited Skype, internet etc. The problem is I can hardly ever get an internet connection using my Samsung touch handset and even the basic phone functionality is rubbish.

    The symptoms? Here we go:

    1) I live in a perfect area with full coverage and when I am trying to make a call, the phone starts dialling but it goes back to the menu before it gets to dialtone. Phone fault? Not rally – tried with three different phones (Motorola, Nokia and SonyEricsson – same problem).

    2) People can’t get through to me – they say I am unavailable or the call can’t be connected at the time. Interesting, as I live in a great area with full coverage and this even happens in Dublin City Centre. My wife is on the same contract with the same phone – she can’t get through to me on her lunch break – same network, same phones. She couldn’t either when I was using a different handset. So it’s not the phone.

    3) When sending a text, I need to press “Try Again” several times before it actually sends a freaking message. This drives me mad.

    4) When trying to connect to the internet I often get “DNS error” or something like that when trying to browse popular sites.

    5) Went throgh dozens of conversations with their support and while people are very helpful, they repeat the same troubleshooting steps again and again.

    So here is what bugs me most. I worked in tech support back in the days for BT and Ericsson… and I have to say, these guys really want to help but they have their hands tied – they have to follow a protocol (script). So far, from the notes they can see… the problems I am experiencing on 3 network are intermittent – there are days without any problems. It’s not a handset fault and it’s not my fault – both me and my wife experience the same problems and we tried changing handsets (with parents) and the problems were still there. It happens in Lucan and Dublin City Centre – areas with great coverage, so this is not a coverage issue. We do not hold our phones in the pockets, so there is no way of losing the connectivity. So I explain all that to the cancellation team and guess what is the response?

    “You will have to bring your handsets to our shop and we will send them for repair – this should take about 2 weeks.”

    “Right, I explained that I tried with different phones and the phone is clearly not an issue. Will you at least be able to supply a replacement phone so I can stay in touch with my cutomers in the meantime while my phones are being held hostage?”

    “We cannot supply replacement phones but if you ask in the shop they might provide one for you. We have to take the handsets for repair even though they are not faulty. This is a required step in order to cancel the contract.”


    So here is a little article I wrote some time ago that gives a few hints. I dedicate it to all 3 employees, especially Rachel Channing:

  64. Hi All ,,, If anyone has a contract with 3 broadband , be very careful when trying to cancel the contract after the 12 months.I cancelled mine and opted for o2 which are a lot better , but when I cancelled 3 , They very nicely offered me 2 months free broadband for being a valid customer.. I insisted on telling the man that i wouldnt be using it , which he replied (give it to your friend of family member for 2 months ) after all its FREE. After the call I put the data modem in the drawer and now use o2.I now have a bill for 2 months FREE broadband from 3 .They are constantly calling me ,, but I aint paying .. So BEWARE ,,3 IRELAND are SCAMMERS,

    • I have had nothing but grief with 3. We got a modem from 3 a few years ago. The service was better than dial up.At the end of July 2009 a 3 rep called to our house promoting 3 nbs scheme. It took six months to see the end of that contract.
      We were supplied with a 2way sat dish and modem. The service was excellent for a few months and then deteriorated to being good at intervals to absolutely no signal at all. With a month to go in my contract I Emailed and wrote to 3 giving notice. I got no response. I rang customer care last week and I was told I should have phoned to cancel. I since read the ts & cs on their website stating that you must write to cancel a policy.
      For future reference if anyone wishes to cancel a 3 contract I would recommend phoning and taking details of the 3rep and send registered letter.
      I have found follow up phone calls agonising trying to get cooperation and apparently they don't keep phone records beyond 3 months.
      Transcripts may not reflect phonecalls in their entirety.
      BEWARE of 3

  65. Goddamn it. This company doesnt even do shit right.
    They took about 3 weeks to migrate my number correctly, after I explained the same thing several times to various (outsourced) helpdesk people. I couldnt call or txt my best friend for weeks.
    The website often falls into a default page that says
    "My 3
    Service unavailable
    This service is currently unavailable.
    Please try again later. "
    This is totally unprofessional and unwarranted. Modern websites never need to be down. If your server can't handle the traffic or job processing, then you upgrade it. If you are doing maintenance, you have a development server and a production server. There is no excuse for this.
    The marketing, Help&Support and customer facets of the site don't match up in places.
    There are conditions on services (text with an asterisk that is not referred to elsewhere).
    If I can get free calls, txts and mobile internet * THEN WHAT DOES THE ASTERISK REFER TO?
    From memory, I have to buy some add-on to be entitled to the free mobile net, but I can't remember which one it is now.
    It appears somebody has set up a shonky infrastructure and spent the rest of the budget on advertising. I even tried to load their 'situations vacant' page (on another server to see if I could join up and fix the problem from the inside, but it failed as well.
    Bloody frustrating, and the problem is if you change to another mobile provider, they are equally ambivalent as they're getting a few euros week from you for nothing.
    I'm sick of paying money to get frustrated. I'd rather go to a strip club.

  66. I have left Three today (they are processing my 30 day notice as of today rather) after ongoing problems I had with them, the issues themselves were not always major, however the customer service was terrible at best. After several emails and calls despite me stating that I don't want to be called, I said right, when is my contract up, I want it terminated as soon as possible. They then replied back saying it's processed and it will end next month. I replied stating thank you for this, but the fact that over the course of the two months nobody has come close to resolving my issue; and the fact that you are letting a customer (2 years with them, €150+ a month) walk away without trying to get to the root of the problem (mostly themselves) is a disgrace.

    I am wondering if my emails were just going through a call center and those responsible don't want to escalate it for fear of any backlash. I am going to try and call the Dublin office tomorrow to see if they are aware of my case, if they are and they are happy with the resolution then shame on them, a shambles altogether.

    As someone who worked in customer service myself I I find it quite hard to believe.

  67. 3 are competing with NTL for the worst customer service possible and they havent far to go !!!

  68. I have their mobile broadband and find it alright. My mobile is with vodafone ready-to-go and I top up €20 and get all 087 free. A customer service from 3 contacted me on 19 Nov '10 and 30 min talking to switch and this great offer of bill pay 300 min and get the first month free rental and a phone, She was taking my details even though I said I wasn't interested. I told I had credit in my vodafone and did not want to loose it. She said I could contact 1913 to activate my service when I was ready. After 19 days on 9 Dec '10 I got a bill with a cost of €25 had been taken from my bank account and i was told there woud be another bill on 28 Dec for a further €25. I rang them and I told them that I was bullied into a contract under false pretence that I would get a month free rental. I also told them to get it sorted because I contacted Director of Consumer Affairs to complain and they told me 3 should have sent me this in writing. The guy I was speaking with checked it out and said that my next bill would be 0. If I receive another bill with a charge I will get back to Consumer Affairs.

  69. Hi

    I moved two mobiles to 3, one in june and a second in August. Three weeks ago I realised that when our business alarm or residential alarm is activated, we do not recieve a text message! I immediately contacted my alarm company & they checked all is in order & eircom who have the work & residential line all ok – but for some reason I cannot get the alert on my 3 mobile – it will not accept a text message from eircom ! 3 technical are differing in their replies to me but today, I am demanding a definite response, sort it or cancel my contracts. Prevoiusly I had been with 02 & vodafone and never an issue with the security text alert. I am a business customer that cannot access my business security because of 3 ! Has anyone else noticed this problem ??

  70. oh dear god what have i got myself into just changed from prepay on 3 which i had no trouble with at all went to best of both just before christmas and a new sony ericsson cedar im now on my 2nd cedar and still can hardly use it so its going back to the shop tomorrow shud be fun have mobile broadband with them too which isnt great either but i put up with it such a pity i didnt find this site earlier

  71. I got one of their broad band offers last October for 19.99 except they didn't explain that text messages would cost extra. We paid the fist few bills on direct debit and then the last one was for more because of the text messages which we couldn't understand and didn't pay until we got an explanation. I was literally bombarded with phone calls from their Indian call center for the difference of 15 euro and these people literally don't have a clue !! We paid them the agreed amount of 19.99 and said we would sort out the difference on the next payment but we still received calls at all times of the day and night including weekends which really is serious harassment . Eventually,we stopped talking their calls which were causing us stress and then their next move was to cut the service which was absolutely deplorable . I then went a got a better deal from O2 who are far more reasonable and have a local call center where their people speak english and are a lot more reasonable .Needless to say I threw the 3device in the bin which is where it belongs and I will never deal with this company ever again and would recommend that nobody else does either . J.Morgan

  72. Network Three offered a special deal on Bill-Pay Smartphones last November (2011) at Euro 40 per month for “All you can eat broadband” plus what looked a pretty generous allotment of call-minutes and texts. What was not mentioned was that they charge separately for recovering voicemail messages (they cannot be simply counted within your call-minutes) – plus they also require that you assign an extra amount (which has to be more than the basic monthly 40 Euro) to cover any surplus units you might use beyond your Flexi-plan in a given month.

    This “surplus” provision is a total rip-off, in my view. In practice it means you might be billed up to 85 Euro per month, by 3, for a service you originally thought was to cost just 40 per month. How has ComReg allowed them to pull this kind of highway robbery?

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