Three Mobile Ireland announce iPhone 4 price plans!

Three Mobile Ireland have just announced it’s iPhone 4 Price plans

3 is launching the iPhone 4 in our stores and online from 00:01am 30th July.Even better news, with 3 you can get an iPhone 4 from as little €19. No matter what Bill Pay plan you choose, you get a whopping 2GB of data, free Wi-Fi and one Freebie Add-on. So you are free to use your new iPhone 4 to its full potential. And remember you can also get the iPhone 3GS from free.

Don’t forget you need one form of identity and one proof of address if you are buying from our stores.

Three Mobile iPhone 4 Price Plans
Three Mobile iPhone 4 Price Plans

John Ryan

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  1. I was contacted this morning from a 3 employee (I have pre-registered with all 3 networks) and he told me that you can pre-order with 3 (as long as you do it today).

    The other 2 will not.

    I would love to give 3 a go – but everyone I know is on vodafone, so it would be cheaper for them if I went vodafone……

  2. Another update:

    Vodafone called me with Price plans:

    60€ per month for 300 minutes & 300 texts with 2Gb limit.
    16GB iphone4 will cost €199.99
    32GB iphone4 will cost €299.99

    80€ per month for 500 minutes & 500 texts with 2Gb limit.
    16GB iphone4 will cost €229.99
    32GB iphone4 will cost €329.99

    1) Talk To Me (Vodafone resellers) will have 17 iphones (for their 19 stores) for the whole country on friday.
    2) Because I'm with currently with O2, Vodafne will insist I pay an extra €200 for the iphone4 upfront – and this will act as a prepayment for my bills for the next few months.

    At the minute, 3 is winning……

    • Think I have the pricing reversed above The 80€ plan should have the cheaper phones.

  3. Carphone Warehouse are only providing iphone4s for O2 customers on friday. They're getting briefed thursday morning about the launch.

    They have no idea on prices yet.

      • From what the carphonewarehouse guy told me the phone will be available for O2 customers (new and upgrade) but not for Vodafone or 3 customers / switchers.

        No, I dont understand that either…..unless O2 have much more stock. I am an O2 customer now and have 'Registered my interest' …. but not a squeak from them.

        Bad form.

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