The count down to the iPhone 4

White iphone 4
White iphone 4

Welcome to the countdown to the iPhone 4 launch day.  Below is a selection  from our iPhone 4 posts.

Our iPhone 4 information posts

John Ryan

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  1. OK, 32Gb iphone4 purchased and set up. Switched from O2 to Vodafone (mainly because my family and friends are vodafone and it makes sense).

    My first reaction when I opened the box is that it looks like my 3G – which is a good thing as I love my 3G. The feel of it is different but of no real importance to me.

    The OS is blindingly clear and fast. My wife (not a gadget person at all) actually gasped when I showed her the 2 phones working side by side – the speed difference is huge.

    So far, worth the money.

  2. Oh, Vodafone have a huge backlog at the minute of new iphone4 users trying to be activated on the network. My O2 3G iphone is still working and my new vodafone iphone4 is not activated. I was told it could be tomorrow before it is activated.

    Is Vodafone slow to activate us?

    Or are there a LOT of users switching. I see O2 are not providing free O2 to O2 calls for new iphone users – and their plans are more expensive.

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