Tesco Mobile Ireland: A New Mobile Phone network in Ireland

Tesco Mobile It was years and years ago, when no body even heard of a mobile phone, and if they did visions of a millionaire playboy with a brick phone came to mind, well a total exaggeration there, it was only a few years ago, that if your mobile phone went off in a shop, everyone turned to see who the hot-shot was. Eircell was the only player with the 088 network, which was owned by Telecom Eireann, and was a terrible network by all accounts, which dropped calls frequently, and had no security elements to prevent people from ‘listening in’.

Some things have changed; all for the better, competition has increased, quality of services have increased. For example 3 Mobile Ireland announced their new broadband service, which offers fast download speeds through their mobile network. And now in 2007 Tesco will launch their Mobile network in Ireland. The network will use O2 Mobile’s infrastructure but will be independent from the O2, so it will be in itself the fifth mobile network in Ireland, and thus add to the competition.

If competition is so great, why are standard calls so expensive still? These figures – below – (courtesy of RTE News) speak for themselves. The services being offered are becoming top of the range, however the cost of basic mobile phone calls is still something that needs a lot of work.

O2 last month reported an average revenue per user of €545 a year at its Irish business, compared with €299 in Germany and £272 in Britain

Do these figures mean that Ireland spends more, or costs are higher for calls?

John Ryan

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  1. Which mobile would be best for me? I am a pensioner and have an oldish Nokia, no camera or net or email, just calls and text. I would like to be able to take the odd photo and video clip, send and receive messages, and bluetoth to allow hands free in the car.Appreciate any help,

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