Tenth worker dies in iPhone factory

A workers group in Hong Kong is calling for a boycott of the next iPhone following a number of deaths in Foxconn factories. This follows the death of a tenth worker in Foxconn who make many of Apples iPhones and iPods. Previously Apple said the factory largely complied with the Apple Supplier Code of Conduct.

Reports indicate a number of the deaths were suicides

We’re staging the protest because of the high death rate due to some workers committing suicide within five months, which we think is abnormal,” Sacom spokesperson Debby Chan said.

22-year-old logistics worker Lü Pengguo, said: “The monotonous work I do here is not in line with my idea of life, it doesn’t make any sense. My dad says I should keep the job. But as soon as I find something better, I’ll leave.”

Sources: Business and Leadership, PC Pro

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