iPhone 4 coming very soon in Ireland? (Updated) – Who will sell?

Very soon might be over stating it a little but three mobile phone providers so far in Ireland have updated their websites to include the ability for people to express their  interest in the new iPhone 4. Surprisingly O2 Ireland, as of writing this, has no mention of the iPhone 4 on their website, despite […]

Will the iPhone 4 be available in Ireland in July?

Ireland has been promised iPhone 4 for late July, but in what was described as the largest number of pre orders, Apple has ever taken in a single day, that’s over 600,000 pre orders (yes pre-orders).We assume this is not just USA. This of course crashed servers, and today pre-orders have been pushed to July […]

How to save a fortune on text messages (Ireland)

Your will need: iPhone Eirtext Pro (or free version) / Jelly SMS Data plan ( lets assume you have this as you are an iPhone user) iPhone + 3rd party app = savings Text messages sound cheap, but collectively they add up to more than the small chuck of change at the bottom of your […]

Vodafone Ireland starts selling iPhone 3G and 3Gs from today

Vodafone Ireland has today started selling the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs. With device prices ranging from Free to  €299, and price plans ranging from €35 to €100, this is the second network to offer the iPhone officially in Ireland, with O2 having previously an exclusive contract. Every plan comes with unlimited free Vodafone to […]