Is this the worst political interview ever?

It’s hard to feel sorry for any politician in Ireland. But when you are completely unable to answer the most basic questions a politician would expect to be asked about their party, it’s hard not to feel sorry for Terence Flanagan of Renua Ireland. He had a complete brain freeze in an interview yesterday with RTE’s […]

Hate Protein Shakes? – What to do?

If you find it hard to stomach protein shakes, and we don’t mean lactose intolerance here… we mean physically drinking  protein shakes with milk or water on the daily, we think we have found a simple and enjoyable way to get your protein into your system and actually enjoy the experience. Of course, if you don’t hate […]

How to set up Gmail Exchange on your iPhone for instant Mail, Contacts & Calendar

The first question is why would you want to set up  Microsoft exchange  for Gmail over the built-in Gmail option? The advantage to using Microsoft exchange, is that it has Push services.  Push is a not so fancy way of saying; when an e-mail hits your Gmail account, it is immediately also pushed to your […]

Sky Go brings hope to ‘proper telly’ streaming for iPad and iPhone

Some exciting news for SKY television customers in Ireland and the UK from July 6 th . Sky announced that they will be scrapping their old SKY Mobile TV app and Sky Player service in favour of a service called SKY Go, which will consolidate the two services and mirror  SKY customers’ subscription. This means […]

Apple Confirms: iOS 5 and iCloud will be announced on Monday

    Apple have today announced that they will be unveiling iOS 5 and the next release of OSX on Monday next in San Francisco. As rumored around the internet they will also be unveiling iCould which they describe “Apple’s upcoming cloud services offering.” Apple® CEO Steve Jobs and a team of Apple executives will […]