RTE to shut down RTE News Now

According to the Independent Newspaper yesterday, RTE may seek to shut down it’s rolling news channel, the article is reporting the reason for abandoning the channel may be due to “the organisation seeks ways to cut costs amid continuing financial pressure”. It seems the channel is expensive to run, with very little viewership. From a […]

RTE News Now for iPad – Still no RTE player app!

RTE, the national broadcaster in Ireland, has been keeping a closer eye on new technology than would be expected, such as the iPad.  RTE News Now for the iPhone has been out for some time but last week RTE shocked us slightly by launching an iPad app! Executive Director of RTÉ Publishing, Múirne Laffan, says, […]

RTE Pocket for iPhone

RTE  Radio (the national broadcaster in Ireland) recently updated their iPhone apps for RTE Radio 1, and RTE 2FM to include background streaming, which is a welcome update. There is nothing worse that having the check an e-mail, knowing that if you do so you do so the radio playback will stop, this is more […]