Latest Amazon Kindle update for iPad upsets readers?

It seems, all is not well with loyal Amazon Kindle readers. In the latest update to the Kindle app for the iPad and iPhone, the landscape orientation was adjusted to a two column mode for the iPad. The implementation is not exactly smooth, there is no divider separating the two columns and they are very narrow indeed. The […]

Kindle for iPhone & iPad updated to version 2.3

Kindle for the iPhone and iPad have been updated to version 2.3. Included in this update, aside for some bug fixes, is the display of two columns instead of one, in landscape mode. This is the same functionality as iBooks, and not a bad idea, as it has a more natural “book”  feeling. Books display […]

iPad V Kindle – Impossible to read the iPad in sunlight

A new Kindle advert demonstrates how difficult it is to read a book in sunlight with your iPad. And while this is very true, I’d like to see someone watch a video on their kindle! Yes the kindle could be described as a very different animal to the iPad, but if the iPad worked as […]