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Many news organisations worth their salt have either an iPhone or iPad app these days. Unfortunately however, many of them make the mistake of quickly throwing together a basic app with little thought for the GUI or end user. Luckily made a decision to produce a  quality, functional, elegant app to compliment their website. And the cherry on the top is… it’s free,- are you listening TV3?

Currently this app is free in the app store and… get this, ad free too!

Keeping the interface simple is key but lets not  confuse this with basic. The is anything but basic! To begin with it’s  iOS 4 friendly (multitasking compatible) the app opens on the “Latest Stories” page which is presented with a thumbnail  and title for the latest articles.  Tap an article to open and read it’s content each article is media rich with social network buttons, you can also comment on their articles live in the app.

Like the website you can also access their other publications within the app namely Business ETC, The Score and The Daily Edge. Located at the bottom of the app are some filtering buttons, to navigate to “Main Stories” and “Most Popular”.  The app will even show you active logins on social networks you have logged into using the app!

Using the iPhone camera, you can also snap some images to send to the Journal for possible publication.  If you are an iPhone user you will appreciate this elegance of this app, but if you are and iPad owner you will love the utilisation of the display this app makes.

9/10 – Well done! for iPhone and iPad Gallery

An Post App puts the ‘i’ back into mail (Press release)

An Post iPhone app
An Post iPhone app

The Irish postal service, “An Post” have launched an iPhone app.  The application allows you to find your nearest Post Office, as well as tracking deliveries and a easy way to calculate postage fees. The iPhone app has already pushed it’s way to number two in the Irish app store, with all positive reviews so far!  Well done An Post! Free in the App Store. Press release after the break.

Press Release Continue reading “An Post App puts the ‘i’ back into mail (Press release)”

Ulster Bank release a mobile phone banking app! – First Irish Bank to the app store (official)


Ulster Bank have become the first Irish bank to release a mobile phone banking application. I am not a customer so I cannot test this, but well done Ulster Bank on being first to the market -wake up other banks! Features promised include

  • Check your balance online – view up-to-the-minute account balances.
  • See mini statements – see your last six transactions when you choose.
  • Set up text alerts – you can see when you dip or rise above certain limits.
  • Add up to 10 accounts – register any Ulster Bank account you have a Visa Debit serviceCARD/debitCARD for and keep an eye on all your finances.

Anyone try this? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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Ulster Bank iPhone app in pictures

[Ulster Bank via Silicon Republic ]

HulloMail for iPhone – VoiceMail gets smart!


HulloMail for the iPhone is an app which will take the ability to manage voicemail away from your network provider and hand it to you or more specifically your iPhone! If your remember back when the iPhone was originally announced, one of the main  features was visual voicemail. Although this feature was launched in the US, it never materialised in many countries including Ireland. With HulloMail you now have  visual voicemail! HulloMail app is available for download in Ireland (to be launched shortly), UK and US, and it brings many of the features promised in visual voicemail and a few more. Continue reading “HulloMail for iPhone – VoiceMail gets smart!”

RTE Pocket for iPhone

RTE Pocket
RTE Pocket

RTE  Radio (the national broadcaster in Ireland) recently updated their iPhone apps for RTE Radio 1, and RTE 2FM to include background streaming, which is a welcome update. There is nothing worse that having the check an e-mail, knowing that if you do so you do so the radio playback will stop, this is more and more becoming a thing of the past as app developers update their radio apps. RTE also released an interesting little useful app called RTE Pocket. Continue reading “RTE Pocket for iPhone”

iMovie for iPhone – bit of a let down

iMovie for iPhone 4
iMovie for iPhone 4

When iMovie for iPhone 4 was first presented to the world, it looked amazing, Apple  demonstrated the capabilities of making your own holiday movie from your iPhone 4. While it is true, iMovie can make pretty good movies and output them in HD format, iMovie for the iPhone really is a bit of a let down. With limited options, restrictions on audio and a small number of themes, you will find yourself wondering where is the rest of this app? Continue reading “iMovie for iPhone – bit of a let down”

Firefox Home hits the app store

Firefox Home
Firefox Home

Firefox Home has hit the iPhone app store. This is not a browser application. Until Opera’s surprise browser approval in the app store, everyone assumed that Apple would not allow third party browsers.

Firefox Home provides access to your Firefox desktop history, bookmarks and open tabs on your iPhone. Get up and go and have exactly what you are looking for on the Web on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Firefox Home is an application which will allow you access to your PCs bookmarks and history on the go. Not a terrible idea, but I would still prefer this along with a actual browser, or even as some sort of browser plugin.

Firefox Home requires a Firefox sync account which you must sign up for on your computer. Has anyone used this app? Let us know in the comments.

Firefox Home Video

Quick Start:

If you have Firefox Sync on your desktop, skip to step #3.

  1. Install Firefox Sync, a free add-on for Firefox, on your desktop.
  2. Restart Firefox and follow prompts to create an account with both a password and a secret phrase.
  3. Go the App Store on your iPhone and search for “Firefox Home” or install it directly from iTunes.
  4. Launch Firefox Home on your iPhone. You’ll be prompted to enter your Firefox Sync account info. Enter your username, password and Secret Phrase and tap “Done.”
  • Enjoy!
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    EirText Pro updated for iOS4 now includes iPad

    SKY GO

    EirText Pro allows VoIP service subscribers to use their iPhone iPad, or iPod Touch to send their free or cheap SMS text messages directly from their handset.

    Eitext Pro 4.0  was launched yesterday, and features a number of updates and improved functionality. The ability to multitask with iOS 4 alongside task completion in makes Eirtext even easier to use. Sending free messages on your iPhone has gotten even easier!

    With Eirtext Pro you no longer need to wait while the app routes the message to your provider for sending, which usually takes a bit longer than a normal SMS message. Now, once you send your message you can switch out of the application (iOS4 required) and the message will be sent in the background! Ace! The layout has been improved, and you can use multiple accounts on the application with ease, with support for groups now added.

    Additionally text messages sent using this update seem to be processed much much faster.  We tested service provider – and so far so good!

    Applications like these is what makes iOS4 worth having, we hope to see more applications making good use of the iOS4. We have yet to try the iPad version, but will review at a later stage.

    Eirtext Pro in pictures

    EirText Pro combines the functionality & speed of EirText with new, enhanced features:

    – Full iPad support: a beautiful, unique user interface, specifically designed for iPad
    – iOS 4 fast app switching
    – iOS 4 task completion: so you can hit send and immediately close the app while the app continues to send your message in the background
    – Full history and contact search
    – Custom groups
    – Favourites
    – Multiple accounts

    – Push message sending (subscription based) to all EirText & EirText Pro users
    – International texting for, (and pay-for VoIP service) subscribers
    – Message scheduling
    – message delivery status (in-app)
    – Delivery report notification (requires EirText for Mac)
    – Message forwarding
    – Dial out from message history
    – SMS from message history
    – Easily switch between multiple accounts/services
    – Landscape mode with large text for easy texting while on the go
    – Signature
    – Insert current location
    – Share your number via Bluetooth
    – Append a special Reply Link to your message which allows any EirText user to reply to your message with a single tap.
    – URL shortener
    – Message import from