EirText Pro updated for iOS4 now includes iPad


EirText Pro allows VoIP service subscribers to use their iPhone iPad, or iPod Touch to send their free or cheap SMS text messages directly from their handset.

Eitext Pro 4.0  was launched yesterday, and features a number of updates and improved functionality. The ability to multitask with iOS 4 alongside task completion in makes Eirtext even easier to use. Sending free messages on your iPhone has gotten even easier!

With Eirtext Pro you no longer need to wait while the app routes the message to your provider for sending, which usually takes a bit longer than a normal SMS message. Now, once you send your message you can switch out of the application (iOS4 required) and the message will be sent in the background! Ace! The layout has been improved, and you can use multiple accounts on the application with ease, with support for groups now added.

Additionally text messages sent using this update seem to be processed much much faster.  We tested service provider o2.ie – and so far so good!

Applications like these is what makes iOS4 worth having, we hope to see more applications making good use of the iOS4. We have yet to try the iPad version, but will review at a later stage.

Eirtext Pro in pictures

EirText Pro combines the functionality & speed of EirText with new, enhanced features:

– Full iPad support: a beautiful, unique user interface, specifically designed for iPad
– iOS 4 fast app switching
– iOS 4 task completion: so you can hit send and immediately close the app while the app continues to send your message in the background
– Full history and contact search
– Custom groups
– Favourites
– Multiple accounts

– Push message sending (subscription based) to all EirText & EirText Pro users
– International texting for O2.ie, Vodafone.ie (and pay-for VoIP service) subscribers
– O2.ie Message scheduling
– O2.ie message delivery status (in-app)
– O2.ie Delivery report notification (requires EirText for Mac)
– Message forwarding
– Dial out from message history
– SMS from message history
– Easily switch between multiple accounts/services
– Landscape mode with large text for easy texting while on the go
– Signature
– Insert current location
– Share your number via Bluetooth
– Append a special Reply Link to your message which allows any EirText user to reply to your message with a single tap.
– URL shortener
– Message import from O2.ie


How to save a fortune on text messages (Ireland)


Your will need:

  • iPhone
  • Eirtext Pro (or free version) / Jelly SMS
  • Data plan ( lets assume you have this as you are an iPhone user)

iPhone + 3rd party app = savings


Text messages sound cheap, but collectively they add up to more than the small chuck of change at the bottom of your mothers purse. SMS messages make a fortune for mobile phone networks. A ComReg report from 2008 shows that 25 million text messages were sent in Ireland every day.

One way to save money on SMS messages on your iPhone is to use a third party application which will interface with your allocation of free web text messages on the internet. By doing this, the app will use your FREE web text allowance rather than charging you for sending text messages, even if you have an allowance of SMS messages, you can use this app as a backup for when you run out! You will find the iPhone apps in the appstore, examples include Jelly SMS, and Eirtext (Ireland).

Most Irish Mobile Phone networks offer a free allowance of webtext messages and this allowance is what those applications use, but after that allowance is spent you may be charged, so keep that in mind. Eirtext and Jelly SMS support the main Irish networks – O2.ie, Meteor.ie, Vodafone.ie, Three.ie, O2.co.uk as well as other services.

There is of course a downside. In order to send messages you will have to use the third part app each time, which uses the internet to send the FREE SMS messages (make sure you have a suitable dataplan), this means it will take longer to send a message than an normal SMS , but usually under a minute –  while the app logs on to the server and process the message.

I think this is worth the minute wait for something which is free, but some users don’t like to wait. At the end of the day it is the amount of money you can save which makes the whole process worth it, but it does take a little patience to use, and you need to get yourself into the habit of switching out of the iPhone SMS app and into the free message app each time you want to send or respond to a message.

As a side note, Apple did mention in the iPhone OS 4.0 announcement that third party apps will be able to interface with SMS messages, so it should be interesting to see what developers do with that one!


Here is a video showing Jelly SMS in operation, which will give you a good feel for how these apps work