How to delete/uninstall iPhone & iPad apps – iPhone 101 series

It’s possible to remove applications once you no longer need it from either your iPhone or iPad. This is very simple to do, and necessary if you are a iPhone app download junkie. It is also particularly useful if you don’t use folders. Removing them is very easy, thank’s to Apple’s way of thinking! Hold […]

(Updated) “Curing” Gay People? There’s an app for that

Update: Apple have removed this application, but have not officially responded. Mr. Jobs: I am writing today to ask you to remove the Exodus International application from the iTunes store. Apple has long been a friend of the LGBT community, opposing California’s Proposition 8, removing the anti-gay Manhattan Declaration iPhone app, and earning a 100% […]

Irish iPhone radio apps – A list

With the growing  popularity of the iPhone in Ireland the number of radio apps available is on the increase! Below is a list of official radio apps for Ireland which is a work in progress. This is an open post, please comment if you notice an application we left out, and we will update this post regularly. […]

Georgina Campbell’s Ireland Guide iPhone App Updated to version 2

We just  installed  Georgina Campbell’s Ireland Guide iPhone app. The guide promises that you can “quickly and easily find all the very best places to eat, drink & stay across the island of Ireland”.  We love the idea behind this application, as a tourist this could be a little gem to have in your pocket. From […]

Latest Amazon Kindle update for iPad upsets readers?

It seems, all is not well with loyal Amazon Kindle readers. In the latest update to the Kindle app for the iPad and iPhone, the landscape orientation was adjusted to a two column mode for the iPad. The implementation is not exactly smooth, there is no divider separating the two columns and they are very narrow indeed. The […]

Kindle for iPhone & iPad updated to version 2.3

Kindle for the iPhone and iPad have been updated to version 2.3. Included in this update, aside for some bug fixes, is the display of two columns instead of one, in landscape mode. This is the same functionality as iBooks, and not a bad idea, as it has a more natural “book”  feeling. Books display […]

Apple TV about to ship! – Will you buy? (poll) (Update: Shipped)

Update: Now shipped. Original: It seems, that according to our order status on the Apple Ireland store, that Apple TV is ready for shipping. We won’t get netflix in Ireland, and new version has no internal hard disk, but draws content from the net with the ability to stream from your iOS devices (that’s your […]

Apple takes a chunk of change from the $10 billion gaming industry

According to US website flurry the iPhone OS now dominates 5% of the gaming market, which in the US is valued at about 10 billion USD. This is pretty amazing when we remember we are taking about a device that primarily is not a gaming system. That not withstanding more that 30,000 games have been […]