Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for iPhone

Sonic 2
Sonic 2

Sega released sonic 2 for the iPhone a week or so ago, but I only just got a chance to download and play it last night. When  Sonic 1 was released people had a number of issues with how slow the game ran at times, it seemed to improve somewhat with the iPhone 3Gs, but there was still lagging issues, some of those issues are present in sonic 2, but it still runs pretty smoothly.  Those in the know say this game is not even a port, but rather an emulator, but I say who cares?

Sonic the Hedgehog 1 on the iPhone was a great time passer, something to do when you are bored, at the airport/ train station and need something fun to pass the time. Sonic 2 is the continuation  of that. I remember playing the Sonic the Hedgehog as a kid on the Sega Mega Drive, the game is still pretty much the same.Tails (the little red fox) runs after sonic all the time, emulating each movement and that really annoyed me, but you can get him back. One of the evil joys of this game is trying to kill Tails by making him fall off ledges or even drowning him… but still he is a small red fox running after a blue hedgehog, so it’s all a bit of fun.

The aim of the game is to collect rings and gems, and complete all the levels. At the end of act 2 of each zone, Sonic has to confront and defeat Dr. Robotnik. There are lots of running areas and special zones  the first zone is pretty easy, with the second one a little harder. Like the first Sonic for the iPhone, you can also return to where you last played, unless you die, and then it’s back to the start of the game.

Sonic 2 has some new tools at his disposal, such as the ability to run faster while spinning when you press  the down button and A button.

Sonic two is a bit of easy time passing fun, but it does cost more that five euro, is it worth that? Well that depends on how  nostalgic you are  for the game, I think they could make this game 2.99 and double the amount of downloads, but that’s just me. iTunes link

Zones – (Sourced from wikipedia)

  1. Emerald Hill Zone
  2. Chemical Plant Zone
  3. Aquatic Ruin Zone
  4. Casino Night Zone
  5. Hill Top Zone
  6. Mystic Cave Zone
  7. Oil Ocean Zone
  8. Metropolis Zone
  9. Sky Chase Zone
  10. Wing Fortress Zone
  11. Death Egg Zone

Two player

A two player mode for the iPhone has been promised, in a future update which will allow you to play both characters to complete the game, or play against each other, via bluetooth.

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