SKY Q adds a favorites function

When early adapters took up the new SKY digital box, aptly named Sky Q, they were impressed.

That is, for the most part, that’s not to say there weren’t teething issues, there were lots! But one glaring omission from the software on the box was the lack of channel favourites.

There is a lot of channels on SKY, and let’s be honest, many of them are purely concentrated shite! There has to be a way to sift through all the channels so you don’t have to remember SKY News is on channel 501, why can’t it be on channel number 5?

Well… last month, SKY launched a software update to SKY Q to allow easy organization of channels.

Assuming you have the lasted SKY Q firmware, you can now program your own channel line up! You can add up to 99 Channels. It works really well. Here is how to set it up!

  • Go to the TV Guide, followed by Favourites and then select Setup favourites.
  • Once you select the Channels you require, you can then recognise them.
  • If you want to change them after you initially set them up you can – Go to your TV Guide, followed by Favourites and then select Manage favourites which are at the end of the list of channels.

One thing we noticed, if you make too many changes the list can become a bit muddled, a restart of the SKY Q box seems to fix this.

John Ryan

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