Share photos with friends by high-fiving your iPhones

Bump for iPhone
Bump for iPhone

Bump Technologies’ data sharing app allows iPhone owners to share photos, contact details, and more quickly and easily – something that the iPhone has been lacking for quite some time.

The point of having a camera on a mobile phone is to take impromptu pictures. Showing them to friends and family is another part of it, but when someone asks to have one sent to them via bluetooth, iPhone folk are left floundering. Enter Bump, the app which finally allows this. Simply select as many photos as you want to share – maybe a couple of contact details and even a Facebook friend request as well – and bump the two phones together to make the trade.

A simple, straightforward user interface makes this app a pleasure to use, and after ‘bumping’ you can then have a conversation with the other person in a Facebook-style chat (but personally I don’t see the point).

The bad news about Bump is that sharing requires an internet connection, which has the potential to irritate people, unless you have a generous data allowance or access to WiFi. Other than that, I have no complaints. Although you might only use from time to time, it is well worth having on your phone, particularly as it does so much for an app which is free.

High: You can even swap calendar events.

Low: Why use our voices when we can text-chat on our iPhones!?

John Ryan

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