How do I save money on Protein Powder?

Protein Powder is an essential shake in most athletes diet. But, as you may have noticed that can be expensive. If you are finding this to be the case, an option to consider is one of these two websites (outlined below) which offer high quality (read the reviews) protein powders.

Part of the saving comes from the packaging, as these two websites (see below) pack their protein in resealable pouches.  Personally, I always have a small pouch for the gym bag and keep the larger one and home and refill when necessary.

Bulk Powders and My protein, they are both UK based sites, but they post to Ireland and have an Irish version of their website, they often have promotions on so keep an eye out too. If you are a first time customer to BulkPowders, you can also save 5 euro, by clicking here.

TIP:  These websites tend to only have a limited amount of reviews for each product on their Irish website, I find if you switch the URL to their english counterpart you will see way more reviews, remember to change back to the Irish version to see the prices in euro.

John Ryan

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