SafeWallet for iPhone

SafeWallet for iPhone
SafeWallet for iPhone

If you ever find yourself having lots of bits of papers with credit card numbers, car licence details, bank account numbers, email accounts, basically most reference items required for day to day transactions – then  the SafeWallet app for iPhone, might just be what you need!

SafeWallet will securely consolidate this information using AES 256 encryption into one useful little app, it promises to keep your data safe and readily available on your iPhone for when you need it. SafeWallet also comes with a PC companion, so you can sync information between the two devices.  [iTunes link – 2.39 (Euro)]

Manage all your private information in one easy-to-use and secure solution! Using the most powerful AES 256 encryption for the security of your private information. Use SafeWallet to store credit cards info, passwords, bank account info and much more! SafeWallet also offers a PC Companion to manage and sync your wallets on both your PC and phone!



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