Quick fix for iPad “App Store is not supported in your country”

Quick Fix
Quick Fix

So if you live in Europe or outside the US and you managed to get your hands on an iPad before international launch you may notice you cannot use the app store, because it’s the US store  that loads.

You will get this error if you are using the Irish or any other app store outside the US – “App Store is not supported in your country”

This will take much of the joy out of using the iPad, well, it did for us anyway. The only way to use the app store that we can see is to use the US iPad app store to add applications to your iPad, free or paid.

This is what we did and it worked for us.

  • We synced our iPad as normal so we have everything we need on the iPad, such as music and pictures…what have you.
  • Then went to the iPad app store settings and signed out of it.
  • Created a free US app store account. How to do this here.
  • Next we authorised the new account on our desktop iTunes. Sign in with new US account and then click store and authorise – (we are not sure about this part if you need it or not – but it is what we did).
  • Sign in with your US account to the iPad app store in settings, and hey presto, the app store works, and so does iBooks (if you use iBooks).
  • So we now have two accounts (but you will still need to switch between both if you want access to your Irish/other account).

Remember the stuff you get on the US store is tied to that account.

So you have your free account now, and you can download free items from the app store, so what happens if you want to pay for something? Then you have two options iTunes gift cards ( US – check eBay) or a US credit card.

This is only a quick fix, and the sooner iPad launches internationally the better it is for everyone.

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