Poll: Will you buy an iPad?

Poll from iPadiPhoneblog.com

John Ryan

3 Responses

  1. Having heard about the chinese suicides at the Foxconn plants who make parts for the I Pad, the ansier is no I wont be buying one. I know they are working away from home and they may find it hard to adapt but everyone should be able to work in livable conditions which clearly they arent.

    • Yes, Apple need to actually sort this issue out and hot shove it under the rug, I hear they give them 30% wage increase, doubt it’s muct really

  2. Pay is a problem but also the breaks they give them and that they are forced to stand for most of the time.
    Again a lot of these employees are living alone away from their families. Workers rights are very important and given what I heard on Morning Ireland I just wouldnt feel right buying I Pads at the moment.

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