Poll Results: boards.ie are the moderators fair

Here are the poll results for my post on boards.ie are the moderators fair?  The poll has now closed, and I thought it only fair the share the final results. (Click to enlarge it)


John Ryan

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  1. I've just been banned again by Anan1 in the 'Motors' section. I posted a reply regarding carbon tax emissions and got it wrong (Co2) … as is boringly predictable, I got corrected and Anan1 thanked his favourite pedantic corrector. Pathetic.

    Then again, you have to hand it to Anan1 for consistency. He's still sore over the last time he trolled on me / banned me:

    Anan1 29/10/2009 12:38p.m. ( moderator who banned me )

    Quoting me:

    "Reality check again! = allowing people one drink usually leads them to have more. Obvious!"

    Anan1 30/10/2009 14:50p.m.

    "I'm not averse to a rake of pints myself, … I had about a 1/2 bottle of wine in a friends house over a period of an hour or so, set off for home in the car"

  2. I've just been banned from another section of boards … seriously, it's time someone came up with a workable alternative to this crap (shouldn't be too hard). The "community manager", while not painting his nose blue and making excuses for idiots on private blogs, is completely useless.

    Basically it's the same old … trollers come on (in my case a hosted one, so untouchable) troll like mad, and the "moderator" 'Scoffaw' decides to selectively "apply" the "rules". They all operate on the same low level: allow trolling, wait until it gets a reaction, and ban the person who didn't do the trolling.

    In terms of user interface it's one of the most boring looking sites on the internet as well. I actually pity some of the moderators on there. I'd hate to be that sad an individual.

    • "They all operate on the same low level: allow trolling, wait until it gets a reaction, and ban the person who didn't do the trolling. "

      Classic bad moderation on a forum. They'll never admit to it etiher, and mistakenly claim the people they've banned are trolls.

  3. Oh noes!

    I've just been banned from all of boards despite having posted nothing for weeks! I was, however, forced to point out that the "I act like a 10 year old and am proud of it" mentaility prevails in a thread on my own site. This related to a thread on boards which became a bit of a brag – fest. The subject? – running over animals on the road. I don't think I've ever seen anything as childish, ever.

    It's nice to know that they visit my site though, and that they are that unhappy with themselves. I never knew that expressing an opinion on your own website could get you banned. What's that the Americans say … "awesome"? lol! I also have a strong suspicion that they take a peep into user's P.M.'s.

  4. We are a company who not only used boards.ie but we also advertised on boards.ie

    When information landed about our company on the forum and customers were getting sceptical I felt it was time to intervien and tell everyone who we were, after all we were a new company!

    I was welcomed by the mod of the biz section jo rel:

    "Thankyou for the reply, it's good to see companies represent themselves on forums, and take the time to clarify any questions that people may have."

    People simply liked to express their opinions in the open regarding our website so I contiinued to answer their questions and contact boards to see what was the best call of action to gain trust in my potential customers visiting boards.ie
    I was told banner ads were a great way to get this done so I paid up front and in full for banner ads.

    In the mean time people were still asking questions and posting comments about our website so I continued to answer their question with no problem.

    on 27 December I was taken back by the mod Jo Rel here is how the conversation went:

    BOARDS.IE : In order to continue posting on Boards in a commercial manner, you must open a commercial interaction account. This can be done by first contacting hello@boards.ie

    ME : Hey there, I have advertising with boards in the tech section we pay for banner ads. Can you tell me why I would require a commercial account?
    I would simply like to answer the questions of my customers who comment on our website on boards.ie
    It is for this reason we will monitor all interaction from the mods and public alike on boards.ie. We wish to be available to answer the questions and comments from the public where other websites host comments regarding our company

    Kind Regards,



    BOARDS.IE : Paying for advertising banners gets you exactly that, a banner. You get no more for it. If you wish to use this site to promote your business, or to interact with your customers, which this site gains no benefit from, only you gain, then you must pay for that too.
    Paid advertising is not connected with your account, or how you use it.
    You are free to monitor anything at all on Boards, as it is all publicly viewable, but if you wish to continue posting as a commercial entity, then you may pay for it.
    This is not optional, and further posting that is out of line with the wishes of this sites owners may result in your account being restricted.

    ME : I would nearly be tempted to put this comment up on my own website!
    No need to be so aggressive! I have no interest in advertising any further other than the banner adverts. If a customer asks a question I will answer it. you welcomed me with open arms at the start of the thread to answer questions so that what im doing.

    BOARD.IE : Who is being aggressive? I am simply telling you the rules of this site.

    Also, what would be so important that you would post on your website? Is it the fact that you can't obey simple rules of another site? Can I go an promote my business on your site, costing you money? No, I don't expect I would. So if you post anything in public about what has been exchanged between us in private, it will only reflect negatively upon you.

    Since you have no intention of using this site in a way that adheres to the rules, you can consider your account no longer welcome in the category that I moderate.

    We welcome all commercial interaction, but it comes at a cost. If you wish to use the resources of this site for your own personal and business gain, then you can't expect Boards Ltd to bear the cost of that. If you can't understand or accept that, then you don't deserve to be in business at all.

    ME : Jor el

    Im totaly offended by your comments! Why would you act in such a manner?
    I cannot believe you could act in this manner.
    I can understand boards.ie needs to make money and I am a customer of boards.ie. I never intended to use the forum for commercial gain but only to monitor and reply to my customers.
    I will take this further and I will be chatting to Darragh.


    Boards.ie : How, or why, are you offended? All I've done is explain the rules of this site, and you immediately go on the attack, threatening me with some sort of vendetta on your site, and pulling your business from this site. If anyone should be offended here, it is me.
    Do you not understand though, that this form of interaction between you and your customers is of commercial gain to you. That is why the commercial accounts are there, and why I asked you to contact hello@boards.ie in order to open one, but you refuse to, and you say you will continue to operate in defiance of the rules, which is why I must pre-empt this, and block your account.
    Your PMs to me have already been highlighted to the Admin team, and they are now already aware of everything I have done, and the reasons behind it.

    If you wish to open a commercial account, then please do. If you do not, as you have said twice now that you have no intention of doing so, then please do not continue to try to use this site for you own commercial gain.

    Is this clear enough for you? I will not explain this again.

    ME : No problem. is all the conversation we have had here going to remain here?
    as i have shown it to my team and they cant believe how rude you have been.
    Your attitude is out of line I'm not at fault here. I said I was not using the forum for commercial use or gain simply to answer the question from the public and this is how an existing customer is treated.

    BOARDS.IE : I don't understand what you mean. It has gone nowhere, except to be reported to the site Admins. You are the one sharing with all and sundry, not me.
    In the middle of the night, between two bank holidays? I'm sorry, but I simply don't believe that your team is there with you now.
    You are completely at fault here, because your failure to follow one simple request, to contact hello@boards.ie, and your insistence upon continuing to use your account for commercial gain, is the only reason for all of this.

    You have used this forum to support your business, and to advertise it and promote it. You have also used it to interact with existing and potential customers. If you cannot see the gain to your business in doing this, then I fail to see why you are even here. Surely this is a waste of your time, since you are getting absolutely no value from it?

    If you truly believe that using this site to interact with your customers is of absolutely no gain to your business, then I really can't help you, nor can anyone I fear.


    Am I wrong? Il let you decide! thanks for your support!

    link to the thread: http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=20560666...

    • Just read that whole thread, what a joke. I've run into that attitude on boards.ie too. It sucks ass, but reddit.com is great and the moderating there is pretty non-existant, yet it works fine. I think it's a pity that a website can be so dragged down by a group of pathetic moderators that have nothing better to do than power-trip.

  5. Tried boards and got sick of it.. They all lick the owner DeVs ass, and he has an ego the size of jupiter because of it, even though his posts suggest he's not the brightest. Same old lines are trotted out when anyone complains,and they're referred to this ridiculous kangaroo court dispute resolution area, where the owners stick up for the mods.

    it's a shame because it has the potential to be excellent. But it's so restrictive that there's no point.

    Btw, what type of losers mod and admin a site for free, when the aim of the site is to make money. have some respect for yourselves!

    The big lad on the hill

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