Personal Hotspot on the way for iPhone!


In the US a carrier called Verizon, just got the iPhone 4 and it is running a new iOS 4.2.5. This iOS comes with a Personal Hotspot function which allows up to five Wi-Fi devices to share the iPhone’s internet connection!

Mac Rumors reports that this may be on the way for everyone else also, but it will be up to the carrier as to allow it or not. This will be extremely handy for those constantly on the go, and would probably damage the currently huge mobile broadband industry, as people would need less devices! Let’s hope that if this happens there will not be an additional charge, but knowing Irish networks it is a real possibility.

Currently you can share your iPhone connection via USB or bluetooth, but with a Personal Hotspot  your iPhone would be recognized as a wifi router and you can share to multiple devices.

John Ryan

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  1. Really cool feature, and useful, it was already avaliable for Symbian users 2 years ago.

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