Star Wars: A Brief History

Star Wars: The Last Jedi just opened today in Ireland, with that in mind, lets take a quick look back in time... A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away begins an epic journey that lasts until this day. Originally written and directed by George Lucas, the Star Wars franchise captured millions with [...]

Year in Search 2017

Google has announced their "Year in Search" for 2017. The list is based on search terms that had a high spike in traffic in 2017 compared to 2016. For Ireland overall  Conor McGregor and Donald Trump make unsurprising appearances: Overall Searches 1) Hurricane Ophelia 2) Donald Trump 3) Ireland v Denmark 4) 13 Reasons Why [...]

RTE to shut down RTE News Now

According to the Independent Newspaper yesterday, RTE may seek to shut down it's rolling news channel, the article is reporting the reason for abandoning the channel may be due to "the organisation seeks ways to cut costs amid continuing financial pressure". It seems the channel is expensive to run, with very little viewership. From a [...]

Celebrities and Entrepreneurs who quit Alcohol

Here are a few surprising celebrities and entrepreneurs, who you may not have known have quit or reduced their alcohol intake significantly. Bradley Cooper - Bradley Cooper who has been sober since he was 29 told GQ  "If I continued it, I was really going to sabotage my whole life...The one thing that I've learned in life [...]

Apple reveals 2017’s most popular apps

Apple has today announced the most popular apps of 2017 across their iOS platform. Apple stated " the introduction of AR (augmented reality) apps and games, the rise of real-time competitive gaming, apps focused on mental health and mindfulness and apps transforming storytelling and reading" were amongst the four breakout trends. The list of Top [...]

Malaysian Holiday during Hari Raya (Ramadan) – quick trip update

Malaysia is a wonderful country to visit, and as I have good friends there, I have been there many times. I have been inspired by Matt Dan who went to visit Malaysia and never left, learning the language (in local dialect - so he sounds like a native) and embracing the culture. I won't be [...]