Opera Mini for iPhone now in app store

Opera Mini
Opera Mini

In a surprising turn of events, Apple have approved popular  web browser Opera Mini (iTunes link – FREE) for the iPhone.

This means we now have a choice over which browser to use on the iPhone, and maybe more will come? We visited a number of websites and found the Opera Mini pretty good.

The browser seems to compress the web page you request, rather than load a piece at a time, when it is ready it will show the full webpage, which gives the impression that it is much faster at loading web pages. It has built in google, amazon, ebay and wikipedia search. The app works in both landscape and portrait modes. We really liked the tabbed browsing, which is much smoother than Safari and makes it easy to switch applications, or open another tab (see screenshots).

  • Tabbed browsing: Browse several web sites at the same time, jumping from one to another with ease
  • Remember Passwords: It can remember passwords so you do not need to re-enter each time
  • Built in google search
  • Compressed loading for web pages
  • Favourites
  • Many settings, such as mobile view and full screen

The good news is this is now available in the Irish app store, and is free. We are a little surprised that Apple allowed this app through their approval system, but it is a great step forward in terms of browser choice.



John Ryan

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