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We all know what a blogging website is. is one of many, and also happens to be one of the most popular. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it looks good – all boxes ticked. Registration is quick, and you can start sharing your noise with the world within minutes.

One of the nicest things about WordPress is the Dashboard section. The Dashboard is a visually pleasing overview of your entire blog, showing how many posts you’ve written, how may comments have been made on them, and so on. There are plenty of background themes you can choose from to give your blog a bit of a personal touch, and I also like the way other users’ blogs are laid out on the WordPress homepage, allowing you to sample other people’s musings.

The mobile app falls a little short, however. It has a meagre 2-star rating, which is a little harsh perhaps, but isn’t far from accurate. Upon first opening the app, you can either add your current WordPress blog to the list, or sign up if you’re a first-time user. Personally, I’d recommend registering on the website – I always find it a bit fiddly filling in forms on the iPhone. Once added/created, your blog appears in a list, and when selected gives a stripped-down version of the online-version’s Dashboard. In fairness, this app does exactly what you want it to, but it isn’t very nice to look at, which is a shame. It’s also a bit glitchy; posts appearing more than once in the list, things like that. According to one user, it fails to save posts, which is a frustrating waste of time (and seeing as I’m typing this post on the app on my iPhone now, I’m going to select all the text and copy it just in case).

Overall, in terms of functionality, it seems to do everything the web version does, and its geotagging function is pretty cool, though setting them up to actually appear on your online blog feels like more hassle than it’s worth. I’d say that for WordPress, it’s handy if you want to publish a post as a draft perhaps, but as another user – ‘Mandog2’ – put it, it really is just “clunky, dull, and hard to use.”

John Ryan

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