Oh Christmas Tree…!

Christmas Tree time!

I’m always called upon to put up the Christmas Tree in my family’s house. I’m told this is because, I have a knack for it, but I strongly suspect it’s because nobody else in my family wants to spend an afternoon separating tangled Christmas decorations, bits of broken sliver balls, and of course the completely knotted Christmas lights.

I don’t mind, its once a year, and for me its the start of the ‘Chirsmassie feeling’.

It looked a bit bare this year, so I trotted along with the mammy (who as usual complained the dog was stinking up the car and should be in the back seat at the very least, and not on my lap – the Guards seem to agree…hmmmm) to the local co-op and picked up a few  silver decorations and some lights. And can I just say how anyone can justify paying 80  euro for Christmas lights is beyond me!  In the end the tree did look pretty good, got some new lights up there and all. Even stuck a flashing light up the top  of the tree near the star, for low-flying aircraft.

Remember when your packing the streets of Limerick and Dublin (my areas) over the coming days – it’s all for one day, and for me one of the main points of Christmas are family getting together.

John Ryan

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