No iPad 2 for me!

Tablet PC’s have been around for sometime now. But Apple have really woken the industry bringing it’s knowledge of touch screens from the iPhone to the iPad. The iPad was deeply criticized as a giant iPhone, but it was still a huge hit and with the iPad 2 gaining first time iPad owners, as well as those choosing to upgrade from the original iPad, it’s time to see can the others can keep up?

I will not be one of those people choosing to upgrade this year to the iPad 2! While the iPad 2 is undoubtedly more powerful and faster than the original, I just cannot see a need to upgrade that would benefit me. I actively use my iPad to watch movies in bed, browse the net and a little bit of gaming. When traveling I find the iPad is a marvelous entertainment companion, small useful and multi functional. I spent more purchasing it at the time than most because I bought it before it was officially for sale in Ireland, it is not a purchase I regret in the slightest, it is  well used and is part of my technology ‘buddies’. But at the end of the day the iPad as it stands even with extra features of the iPad 2 is not better than having a laptop and the iPhone 4 working together. For me currently, the iPad is great, serves a function, but not one that will feel better by upgrading the iPad 2.


iPad Cover
iPad Cover

The iPad 2 offers dual cameras, I have this on my iPhone 4, I always thought it looks a little strange filming with a tablet device! I have used facetime on my iPhone 4 about five times, so I don’t need an iPad with facetime.It is also much slimmer, and having not physically touched the device… I would imagine, feels a lot better. iPad 2 will of course have better memory management for browsing the internet, and Apple have developed some amazing apps that use this faster iPad 2. Still not enough, sorry Apple! I do like that this device has a dual core memory and more ram, this is something iPad has needed badly, even for something as basic as browsing more than one website tab at a time!

The future

I have a strong feeling Apple have pushed out the iPad 2, to keep ‘in the game’ as it were, and have more to come.  I think the iPad 2 will keep iOS gamers happy and new users will love it. The iPad 3, will be the one to watch, and may persuade me to upgrade. But for now I am happy with my current iPad. And let’s not forget iOS 5, hopefully later this year!

Will you buy the iPad 2? Let us know in the comments!

John Ryan

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