New York – Day’s 1 & 2

Wrecked! US Airines certainly is the Ryanair of international travel. Meal was not great, staff nonchalant, second flight was delayed four hours, and the aircraft would not start so we had to get off for another 2 hours! One great thing about long trips is finishing your book, I managed to  finish ‘the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’, found it a great read, but was not prepared for the violence, notwithstanding this however I will be buying Stieg Larsson’s second book in the series.

Yesterday was my second day here, and we did a ‘wonder around’, we amazed ourselves by figuring out how easy it was to get around New York. We did the token travel stuff – went up the Empire State Building, using a ticket ‘CitySightsNY’ sold us from an over enthusiastic ticket seller, who had an aggressive sales pitch to make, and grinned very widely when I questioned him on everything he said… yes he was legit! So we gave him a credit card (they carry credit card machines in their pockets!) and he gave us a three day tour bus pass and tickets to various attractions. I’ve seen New York from the empire state building at night, but during the day is an entirely different experience. On the way out there is the usual over priced giftshop, which we skiped and went accross the street to a store which had the same items for a third of the price.

A trip to New York requires a visit to Macy’s department store (apparently) which is just massive. They had a menswear sale on 50% off! And we were instructed to get a “Macy’s visitor pass” for a further 10% off – they were giving  clothes away – now that’s how you do a sale!

A few other shops and then coffee in a bookstore called borders. I am always amazed at the New York staff in most stores, they are over-friendly and seem to care about their jobs, not matter where I have been today, they have joked with me, chit-chatted with me, offered assistance. Even passed our hotel porter on the street, did not recognize him, he stopped for a chat also, and wished us a nice day.  I  strongly suspect this is commission induced friendless, but is this a bad thing? It seems a tad artificial – but I like it and it seems to work!

It’s 7am now, and the cable TV is still down in this neighbour hood – but of course I did not come for the telly, but I doooooo  love American telly.

John Ryan

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