Multitasking for CoPilot Live on the way

CoPilot Live iOS 4 Preview
CoPilot Live iOS 4 Preview

ALK Technologies, the company behind CoPilot Live have announced that support for iOS 4 is on the way. The update which is currently awaiting approval from Apple allows the use of  the GPS navigation app in the background while using another application or taking a call. Voice directions will continue to direct you when you are using another app, but not when you are taking a call! Features of this version of CoPilot Live include:

  • CoPilot Live will continue to run during a phone call and provide turn instructions as Push Notification messages
  • You will have the option to switch back to the full map display with one touch
  • Voice directions will be muted during the call to avoid confusion or distraction
  • Background voice navigation while using other apps
  • CoPilot Live will continue to provide full voice guidance while you are using other app

In relation to iPhone 4 however there is a problem:

If you are one of the lucky few who have managed to get an iPhone 4, you may already have discovered that CoPilot Live does not currently run properly on it. The issue is to do with iPhone 4’s high res retina display, and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please be assured that we have submitted an update to the App Store which fixes the problem, which will hopefully be approved in the next few days.

CoPilot for iOS4 in pictures

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