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Meteor don’t seem to sell the iPhone in Ireland. But I have noticed Meteor offer some very attractive price plans that include data, that would work nicely with the iPhone. I currently pay 45 euro for 150 minutes and texts on O2 with 1GB data, under an 18month contract, that price plan included an iPhone 4 device.

However, if you  find yourself not in a contract take a look at networks like Meteor. Yes Meteor is owned by the  mammoth that is Eircom, who strangely also own E-Mobile.Meteor market themselves as a teen/young adult network, but their smart phone plans are nothing to look down your nose at.

For example they have a contract free ( I imagine there is some 30 day clause in there somewhere) plan with 200 minutes, 200 texts,  1GB of data and if you sign up online –  free texts and calls to other meteor customers – all for 25 euro! Any other network close to this value?

I have had an issue or two with their customer service in the past, but hopefully that was a one off. So if you are out of contract, and your network is offering you what they are calling an “upgrade” with an 18 month ball and chain attachment, check out the SIM free plans on other networks . You could save yourself the contract and some monthly dosh for the pub!

Meteor Mobile Communications was established in 2001 having been awarded Ireland’s 3rd mobile licence. Meteor Mobile Communications is a wholly owned subsidiary of eircom Group plc.

John Ryan

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  1. There customer service is the worst in Ireland,its a shame to even use the words Customer service when dealing with them,I have had nothing but trouble when dealing with them,,yes there prices are good,,but god love you if you have to try and get some one there to help you out,,they must have the best jobs in Ireland,,,doing Sweet F**K all,,They should take a good long look atr themselves,,Quality is everything in this day and age,,,Thats 0ne thing Meteor do not have,,,and if you go on it is full of people bitter with there dealings with thm

    • Thanks for your comment. Shortly after writing that post, I set my friend up on Meteor to be ported from O2, got the phone and info to call them to organise the port. When I called them the guy had no clue about porting, kept telling me to go into O2. Got into a heated argument with him. Took 3 calls before someone know what to do.

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