I hope to tweet (@johnmryan) my adventures in Malaysia, technology pending, so you can hopefully enjoy the trip with me!

Wedding Celebrations - Malaysia
Me in Malaysia (Kelantan) in 2007

I am off to Malaysia on Saturday, and I cannot wait. It is my first holiday this year, and my third time in Malaysia. Last year I travelled around to Thailand and Singapore. This year I hope to explore more of Malaysia, via rail and road. I will be meeting up with my Malay friends there (who lived here until the recession), so it should be an all round fun trip.

If anyone has been around Malaysia, feel free to let me know of any interesting places to visit via my twitter or comment below.

I am excited to have a (what I think is) a good camera this time to take some good shots. Last time I used my first generation iPhone for some awfully disappointing shots. I am realising now that you cannot capture the moment with any old camera.

I hope to also tweet, where possible (wifi/iphone pending) my trip, so that should be interesting if it works out.

John Ryan

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  1. hi John,

    nice to hear from you. i like guys who enjoy their life and i too have dreamt of visiting lots of countries.lets see how it goes…

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