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Many news organisations worth their salt have either an iPhone or iPad app these days. Unfortunately however, many of them make the mistake of quickly throwing together a basic app with little thought for the GUI or end user. Luckily made a decision to produce a  quality, functional, elegant app to compliment their website. And the cherry on the top is… it’s free,- are you listening TV3?

Currently this app is free in the app store and… get this, ad free too!

Keeping the interface simple is key but lets not  confuse this with basic. The is anything but basic! To begin with it’s  iOS 4 friendly (multitasking compatible) the app opens on the “Latest Stories” page which is presented with a thumbnail  and title for the latest articles.  Tap an article to open and read it’s content each article is media rich with social network buttons, you can also comment on their articles live in the app.

Like the website you can also access their other publications within the app namely Business ETC, The Score and The Daily Edge. Located at the bottom of the app are some filtering buttons, to navigate to “Main Stories” and “Most Popular”.  The app will even show you active logins on social networks you have logged into using the app!

Using the iPhone camera, you can also snap some images to send to the Journal for possible publication.  If you are an iPhone user you will appreciate this elegance of this app, but if you are and iPad owner you will love the utilisation of the display this app makes.

9/10 – Well done! for iPhone and iPad Gallery

John Ryan

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