Jigsaw Box for iPad

Jigsaw Box for iPad
Jigsaw Box for iPad

Jigsaw Box for iPad is now available in the iPad app store. Developed by SparkleApps and available in 6 Languages, Jigsaw Box provides entertainment for kids and adults alike. Jigsaw Box is designed to look like you actually have the jigsaw in front of you. You can even hear the pieces snap together. There are many different puzzles to choose from, with varying amount of pieces from 12 (easy) to 208 (hard). Beautifully designed this game is great fun for all the family.

The game is designed by Irish developer Paul Reilly who has released the game in 6 languages? English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Japanese. Why?

“People are playing our Jigsaw game in 38 countries, most of which do not have English as their primary language. We want people to enjoy our games, and so it makes sense to provide the game in as many local languages as possible”. The localisation of the game was done by Dublin startup company Tethras, who specialise in mobile application localization. “We were delighted to work with Sparkle Apps on bringing their Jigsaw game to a larger market” said Brian Farrell, CEO of Tethras.

It comes with 100 beautiful jigsaw puzzles in 9 different jigsaw packs including:

★ Famous Landmarks (Niagara Falls, Golden Gate Bridge, Eiffel Tower…)
★ Kids Jigsaws
★ Castles
★ Wild Animals

Jigsaw Box is available on the iTunes App Store now for €2.39 ($2.99). For more information on the Jigsaw Box game including screenshots and video of the app, see www.JigsawBoxApp.com

Jigsaw Box in Pictures

If you would like further information on Jigsaw Box or Sparkle Apps, please contact:
www.sparkleapps.com paul@SparkleApps.com.

For more information about app localization with Tethras contact:
www.Tethras.com info@Tethras.com

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  1. I enjoy jigsaw puzzles and I have completed many of your puzzle packs. However I want to know when you will begin to show some diversity when you feature people in your puzzles?

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