Jamie Oliver 20 Minute meals

While browsing the iPhone  app store, which I have to admit is something I do very often (almost  a daily ritual at this stage) I came across Jamie Oliver 2o minute meals an application on the iPhone app store that is not only well written by the program developer but also content rich,  well presented and extremely useful.

There are numerous positive reviews for this application, and they are well deserved.

When you launch the application the first time a video pops up. It’s Jamie welcoming you to the app, nice touch! Then you are presented with a list of categories, such as easy pasta, fast fish and so on. One of the nice things about the application is each dish is laid out step by step with some audio tips from Jamie. These are written recipes not videos by the way. But cleverly there are video tips which show you how to do things which many of the applications target audience would never admit to. For example the easy way to chop and onion (I know…).

I really like the shopping list feature, allowing you to add all the ingredients for a recipe to a list, which you can try cross off as you get them. I did get a few funny looks as I walked around Fresh on Camden street with an iPhone shopping list, but it works like a charm.

So apart from the technology element, are the recipes good. To date I have spotted about ten I plan on making and completed two. They tasted pretty good, considering my kitchen skills are pretty minimal. But if you’re new years resolution in 2010 is to be more active in the kitchen then this might just be the application for you!

John Ryan

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