iTunes 10 released with Ping social music network

To coincide with the range of new iPods announced just an hour ago by Apple, iTunes 10 has been released. Apple thinks CDs are over and have removed the CD icon from the iTunes logo. The most exciting feature on iTunes 10, is a social network for music called Ping which is included with iTunes 10.


Ping allows you to follow friends and artists and purchase music and movies based on their activity. You can also view pictures and videos posted by artists. Great idea by Apple to integrate social networking to iTunes, time will tell if it is a hit!

The update is available now on the iTunes website, although the link leads to the old version, when we tired. To be fair it was just announced!

John Ryan

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  1. The Apple Event yesterday was a little disappointing and left me puzzled as to the changes made and products introduced.

    1) going back a step with the design of the shuffle was a good move. It now looks like an iPod (not a cigarette lighter or USB key) and that's where it should stay. They could have cut the price further.

    2) iPod nano. Does anyone remember when it was the best portable music player in the world? Adding video 2 years ago wasn't necessary. Adding a video camera (and no photo camera) wasn't necessary. And now the loss of the iconic click wheel? Feels like last years shuffle all over again. 

    The nano should be what everyone wants it to be – a MUSIC player. Adding radio was good. It needs wi-fi. It needs 32Gb. It needs the iTunes Music Store. It needs improved sound reproduction and earphones. It needs to be a close-your-eyes-and-listen device. It needs to be a better nano.

    The new nano should have been introduced as a new product – mini-touch or something.

    3) iPod touch. Ok, we can buy an iPad with or without 3G. We should be able to buy an iPhone with 3G (iPhone4) or without 3G (iPod touch). That's what I was expecting.

    In the end – that's not what we got. We got some of the iphone4 in an iphone3GS. Doesn't make sense. Especially a sub-standard camera. Not sure if it got a radio – if it did/already had then why don't I have one on my iphone4?

    On the plus side though is the addition of FaceTime. Not the facility itself – more the addition of a microphone. Couple that with multiple-tasking and you now have a wi-fi skype phone. Phone companies will be pissed off.

    4) AppleTV. I have an AppleTV. The new one looks like a hard drive – without a hard drive. I think it's a great idea – but I'm glad I have a hard drive on mine. If Internet connection goes down I still have content.

    Should a current appletv owner be annoyed? Not as annoyed as a current iPad owner……..

    5) iOS4. The biggest news – especially for current iPad owners. iOS4.1 will see FaceTime on an iPod touch. November will see iOS4.2 for iPad – without FaceTime? Really? I don't think that will last long.

    So November (or more likely January) will see a new FaceTime capable iPad. If you bought 1st generation without cameras or mic – you will be FAR more annoyed than 1st Gen iPhone owners.

    6) iTunes 9.X – yes I know it's iTunes 10 – but does a new logo and a new bulletin board constitute a new point release these days?

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