Irish Premier: Man of Steel

Man of SteelI managed to bag a ticket to the Irish premier of Man of Steel, aka the new superman movie starring Henry Cavil.

It’s not my first movie premier and the Savoy Dublin had the red carpet out for us. We felt quiet special! (not really – but it was somewhat exciting).

A side-ways glimpse told me there was a few Irish celebrities (ahem) there, I’m sure I saw Darren Kennedy at some stage, as well as some folks from RTE or Tv3 ( I mix up the presenters).

The movie. It’s the Superman story you would expect – and it is handled quiet nicely, but unless you are into roller-coaster action movies, you may want to consider whether or not you should watch this in 3D – if your anything like me queue a headache. I keep changing my mind – did I like this movie? Yes, but it was a bit thin on the story side and bloated with action and ‘noise’. Is it age?

I’d would say it’s a mindless action movie, but there is a resonance of a soul – in there somewhere, although it is somewhat smothered by the action.

Thin on story and heavy on action – but I enjoyed it for the most part.

A big thanks to Metro Herald for the tickets!

John Ryan

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