iPhone Xs – First Impressions

The iPhone Xs must be close to a year old, so this blog post is a little late to the game. But none the less I decided to post up my first impressions of this Apple iPhone.

Good Bye Galaxy

A little background, I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus for close to two years. It’s been dropped many times but has somehow survived but looks very battered! I’ve wanted to go back to an iPhone for some time, so now was the perfect time for me to make the move back to Apple (also known as the ‘dark side’).

I decided this time around not to go for the ‘plus’ style phones, those are the bigger phones, I think I’ve permanently damaged my pinky from propping it up and instead to go back to the standard size phones (although ‘standard’ is a misnomer these days when it comes to phones).

The unboxing process is always a religious experience when it comes to Apple products. Unwrapping that plastic wrapper that protects the pristine white iPhone box, it’s almost erotic… I digress…

Physically the iPhone Xs looks stunning, it’s all-glass front and back with a 5.8-inch screen – curved edges and the dreaded ‘notch’. The notch is very noticeable if you look for it, it’s basically a little ‘fringe’ at the top centre of the iPhone Xs display that houses the camera and other sensors, and is there because Apple wants an ‘all-screen’ display with no bezels but need to figure out how to hide those items behind the screen.

Face ID

Face ID is amazing and has to be seen to believed. The iPhone Xs is the second generation of iPhones to have this feature. How does it work? During initial setup, it analyses your face and uses this information to unlock your phone without the requirement for a pin – but you still need a pin – in case Face ID fails or additional verification is required. You can also use Face ID in association with Apple Pay.

There are a few downsides to it. When it works, it’s great – as I’ve stated. But if you wear glasses, or when you wake in the morning and have a double chin and one eye glued shut – you can’t unlock your phone without the pin code. However, according to the sources, Apple is working on a solution to this (the sunglasses issue, not the double chin (that’s too much beer)!

That’s it so far… more to follow!

John Ryan

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